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Hey guys! We need more testers to test all the new stuff we're continuously adding to our upcoming game Choke Point for the global release! So if you're interested, add me on skype (marco.arsenault) and tell me you wanna help test Choke Point and when we do a testing session on Newgrounds with the new features, I can see if you're up for joining the test! We need plenty people so don't be shy! Cheers!


Hey guys! Our fighting game project have gone a long way since its conception and since I joined the project as the programmer, the game's engine has progressed really well and we've made a cool demo that you can try and that we keep updating! Now we're doing a big call to action to help us fund the full time development of the full game! Check out what we offer and what we intend to achieve! 

Here's the indiegogo campaign!

And here's the direct trailer video!

I think you'll like what you see in our game's theme! :) Support us if you would like to help us reach our goals!
We've got some pretty cool people who are gonna help us promote this campaign, like Justin Wong, long time member of the fighting game community, Maximilian Dood, super hyped fighting game awesomeness and other youtube celebrities we're talking to. Join our cause and we'll do the hard work to make this game a reality!

Thank you all for donating to this awesome project! 

Enough said! Check the video! :D


Working on Choke Point LIVE!

2015-05-08 10:49:51 by Evil-Dog

EDIT: Saturday morning: on the livestream again! Join me

Hey guys, join my livestream to watch me work on upcoming game Choke Point

My mic is on, I got good music, etc, so come have a chat :D



Choke Point: New Game Update

2015-05-01 10:27:25 by Evil-Dog

Oi! We're finishing 2 new team game modes in Choke Point! And with the new games modes will come a bunch of new maps! Here's some background assets for them!
You can play the game now on ArmorGames but we're preparing the global release with all the new features and content for Newgrounds, Kongregate and all the sites.

We're actually looking for betatesters here on newgrounds for the global version, if you're interested add me on skype (marco.arsenault) or PM me your skype name here on NG.  Cheers 


Hey guys! Choke Point v1.13 just came out and it was a big update. Here's a video in which I'm going over all the new (and old) weapons and some abilities in the game so check it out!


The game is evolving very nicely!
You can play it for free: http://armorgames.com/play/17599/choke-point
We're ramping up to a global release as we add all the features we want in the full game.
Let us know what you think!

I'm working on Choke Point, our multiplayer action game, it's out on armorgames but we're preparing the global release with all the new features :)

Come join me for a chat or Q&A or stuff!


I'm live on the stream now and most of the day! Working on Choke Point, come and have a chat!

Livestream is up: Choke Point!

2015-03-22 11:04:54 by Evil-Dog

I'm on the stream working on Choke Point live most of the day! Come check it out and have a chat!

Choke Point Updates

2015-03-11 22:21:35 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! As you know (you probably don't), we're working on the global release of Choke Point, our multiplayer action platformer game.  In the process, I'm producing a series of video updates showing various aspects of the game and its development. Here's a couple for you to watch.

A showcase of the latest character, the medium human class, The Trooper


A programming video about the new way to handle melee attacks to be framerate independent. 

You can play Choke Point now if you want: http://armorgames.com/play/17599/choke-point

Or wait for the big release when the game will have all its features and content.

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