Entry #168

New Game "Choke Point" Update!

2015-08-14 14:10:19 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We're still hard at work finishing Choke Point for the global release! We're making levels, new items, new weapons, SickDeathFiend is working on new character skins, it's all progressing awesomely! One of the big next feature is the leveling system with perks and unlocks and all that fun stuff! The game is already on armorgames with an abysmal player base which is a good testing ground while we finish the full version of the game,  So here's some sneak peaks of varfious stuff we're working on!   If you wanna be a betatester, add me on skype (marco.arsenault)


You can also watch our new items series on youtube and subscribe to our channel! :D



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2015-08-14 19:47:37

Looks great!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks BRUH


2015-08-14 21:15:22

This looks very cool man! AND! You should add a god weapon IF you complete a challenge mode (if you add it) and add John Creesman as a character skin! Overall, great game!

Evil-Dog responds:

Dumb ideas are dumb.


2015-08-15 06:09:00

Looks amazing. I'll play the hell out of it when it's out.
I'm curious. How big is the .Fla?

Evil-Dog responds:

the FLA is 124mb with a 189mb FLA for sounds as a separate file (exported as a SWC), did you mean how big is the SWF? If so it's 27.1mb right now. So probably a 30mb game in the end if I can keep the size down hehe


2015-08-17 09:16:51

go create Road of the dead 3 ya slob!

Evil-Dog responds:

Fuck off cum bucket lol


2015-08-17 15:20:31

i feel like you shouldn't be making so many games at the same time. just focus on one.

Evil-Dog responds:

Uh, we're making one game, what are you talking about?


2015-08-17 16:13:36

i have cum bucket just for you

Evil-Dog responds:



2015-08-18 08:25:27

you announced beast fury and dark siege ages ago and there not out yet. so you shouldn't really be making a new game when you have other games you still haven't finished

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Well first I'll do whatever the fuck I want, second, beast's fury is not MY project, I was paid to work on it and I did, now it's kind of in limbo, and the reality is that we have to make money to survive and Dark Siege was put on hold when we had a contract with ArmorGames to make another of our games for one of their events and the game we decided to make was Choke Point, so now we're working on Choke Point cause it's the closest to being releasable and the one with the most potential in our opinion. Anyway, don't go to game devs and tell them what they have to do, it's none of your fucking business. We do what we have to do to survive as indie developers and if it involves dropping 200 projects, then that's what it takes. And if I wanna work on 5 projects at the same time, I fucking will.


2015-08-19 16:02:33

This looks fucking amazing, can´t wait for it

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool dude, I'll be happy to DESTROY YOU in the game lol


2015-12-17 00:51:34

looks cool but are you ever gonna make a new zombie game ?

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah we're finishing Streets of the Dead before we finish this one! Should be out pretty soon


2016-04-01 08:13:24

Looks epic


2016-05-07 18:23:38

Could you do something about the FOV? It's really hard to find enemies when you can only see 800 x 600 pix.


2016-06-27 07:53:43

I just wanted to see if you were doing alright. Haven't seen any activity from you on NG or your webpage in quite some time.


2016-07-28 11:20:32