Entry #165

We need TESTERS to play CHOKE POINT with us until the global release!

2015-06-20 18:16:31 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We need more testers to test all the new stuff we're continuously adding to our upcoming game Choke Point for the global release! So if you're interested, add me on skype (marco.arsenault) and tell me you wanna help test Choke Point and when we do a testing session on Newgrounds with the new features, I can see if you're up for joining the test! We need plenty people so don't be shy! Cheers!



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2015-06-21 05:20:15

I can try Im free by the afternoons...

Evil-Dog responds:

It's not one time, I need people I can call on when we do tests


2015-06-22 01:18:52

I will be free next week and I can ask group of free tessters to help you.


2015-06-22 10:27:46

I can try it just tell me when !

Evil-Dog responds:

Do what I said in the post