Entry #169

"Annual" holiday song is out! :D

2016-12-30 19:06:19 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! I'm still alive, working on stuff! :)  This year I forced myself to take the time to make my supposedly annual christmas/holiday song! So here it is!


Let me know what you think, and how have y'all been?


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2016-12-30 19:51:42

A holiday song from the most metal user on Newgrounds. This is gon be good >:3

Evil-Dog responds:

lol glad you're excited


2017-01-11 02:22:29

I'm 12 days late but at least I see that you're still alive.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah man! :)


2017-01-14 09:21:22

Glad you're doing alright! Hows sickdeathfiend?

Evil-Dog responds:

Ask him lol
happy new year