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Hey guys! A short-ish video about our new character in development for Choke Point called the Trooper, who's a fire power heavy character, the human's medium class.  His ability is the turret that he can leave behind and his base weapon is an auto pistol which is sort of a spray and pray type of gun.

Choke Point is available on ArmorGames and coming soon here since the exclusivity has worn off, we're preparing the global release with a lot of new features and content.  Stay tuned for more update videos.

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Happy New Year Song! (My annual song)

2015-01-15 11:07:10 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! As usual, I made my annual christmas song, I knew I would be late so I decided to make it a new years song. And I was late even for that lol MOVING ON! But have a listen at the song! Leave comments! Woo!

Happy new year!


New dev video about Choke Point's upcoming loadout system! The game is currently exclusive to ArmorGames.com but it's coming everywhere else including here in like a month.

Check it out! :D


Merry Christmas from Evil-Dog!

2014-12-25 13:17:02 by Evil-Dog

Hey everyone! We wish you an amazing Christmas or whatever you're celebrating, just celebrate will ya? :D
Thanks for all your support over the years! Much love!

ps: Christmas song coming late :D


Choke Point Footage!

2014-12-13 11:23:50 by Evil-Dog

Early build footage! Check it out and comment! Simple enough yeah? :D


Betatesting now!

2014-12-08 14:57:37 by Evil-Dog

Betatest session #1 starts in 10 minutes!
Chatroom: http://www.e-chat.co/room/41240
Game: http://www.evildogserver.com/chokepoint/ChokePoint.html


2014-12-07 14:10:31 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys, with our new multiplayer game "Choke Point" almost out the door, we need to stress-test our server and the game with a lot of players! It's a fun multiplayer game so you should come join the test sessions!  It will help us find bugs and see how the server is holding up with more than a few players!  There will be 5 testing sessions, you can attend any or all of them, the more people the better so bring friends along, it's an action multiplayer game.

Here are the informations to participate:

When (all eastern times EST):
Monday, December 8th: 3PM and 7PM
Tuesday, December 9th: 10AM, 3PM, 9:30PM

There are 2 places you need to be, in the game and in the discussion chat room if possible so we can talk about issues, the bugs, suggestions, just to say hi, or whatever else.
The game (only available at the specified times): http://www.evildogserver.com/chokepoint/ChokePoint.html
The chat room: http://www.e-chat.co/room/40953

Thanks and join in big numbers, it'll be fun...or a terrible failure, which is more reason to be in the chat room so you know what's going on :D


Hey guys! We're doing awesome progress on our "King of the Mountain" game! Check it out on our livestream! Working on it all day! :D


Hey guys! We're working on a new game with the code name "King of the Mountain" and I'm currently livestreaming our work on the game! Come hang out with me! 

Check these WIP artwork for the game, it's a sci-fi online multiplayer action platformer.


Hey 10 000 fans! I'm currently working live on our upcoming game! Come hang out with me on the livestream!