Entry #166

Choke Point Update! Testing and Upcoming Weapons!

2015-06-30 21:57:22 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We're hard at work on Choke Point's global release, here's a quick update about the new upcoming weapons! Right now, we're finishing new game modes, like the corruption mode, which is awesome :D
From top to bttom: Random gun, swarm gun, eruption gun, chain lightning gun and glave gun.

Also, we're always looking for more testers to test all the new features we add to the game since it's a multiplayer game, so if you're interested, add me skype, my skype name is marco.arsenault



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2015-07-01 22:20:00

Hey, it's been a while (sorry about the story thing, but things got pretty busy this past semester). If your still looking for testers, I can be on Skype on this Friday.

Evil-Dog responds:

Always looking for testers, but not for one time, I need people around when we test
but yeah drop me a word on skype ;)


2015-07-02 19:49:47

These look insane!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks :D