Entry #167

Choke Point Update and Still Need Testers

2015-07-21 11:38:33 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! Here's another Choke Point dev video, hope you enjoy the content! Let me know what you think!
We're ramping up to the global release and we're always looking for testers to help test the new features since it's a multiplayer game so if you're interested in testing, add me on skype: marco.arsenault

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2015-07-22 17:44:25

Sick game dude!!! :D I don't know if it's the recording but the game seems a bit laggy in framerate. I'd love to test this game, I have you on skype already :P

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah I don't have a rig powerful enough to play and capture at the same time.
Sure hit me up on skype and you can test


2015-08-01 16:46:55

Hey Dawg, sorry that this has nothing to do with this game, but are there any news on the HD Road Of the Dead remasters for Steam? I would buy them in an instant, the lag in Road of the Dead 2 is still there sadly :(

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah the lag won'T go away magically :) Not sure when/if that will happen, we,ll see, right now it's CHoke Point and similar game, which may include a Of The Dead game, could also include a Road pof the Dead ONLINE game


2015-08-02 13:13:46

Damn, i've always wanted a Road of the Dead 2 Coop, but i wonder what you come up with ^^ Thanks for responding!

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure :)