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Streaming night! Streets of the Dead: Class Progression Part 2!
Join me!

Streaming night!

2017-02-14 19:27:12 by Evil-Dog

Streaming night! Working on Streets of the Dead's new class progression!

The live stream is up!  I'm working on our upcoming game Streets of the Dead, implementing the new class progression, drop by, talk to me!

Yup, you know the drill! I'm working on the game live! Drop by!

Come check me work on Streets of the Dead our upcoming little MP game :)


"Annual" holiday song is out! :D

2016-12-30 19:06:19 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! I'm still alive, working on stuff! :)  This year I forced myself to take the time to make my supposedly annual christmas/holiday song! So here it is!


Let me know what you think, and how have y'all been?

New Game "Choke Point" Update!

2015-08-14 14:10:19 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We're still hard at work finishing Choke Point for the global release! We're making levels, new items, new weapons, SickDeathFiend is working on new character skins, it's all progressing awesomely! One of the big next feature is the leveling system with perks and unlocks and all that fun stuff! The game is already on armorgames with an abysmal player base which is a good testing ground while we finish the full version of the game,  So here's some sneak peaks of varfious stuff we're working on!   If you wanna be a betatester, add me on skype (marco.arsenault)


You can also watch our new items series on youtube and subscribe to our channel! :D


Hey guys! Here's another Choke Point dev video, hope you enjoy the content! Let me know what you think!
We're ramping up to the global release and we're always looking for testers to help test the new features since it's a multiplayer game so if you're interested in testing, add me on skype: marco.arsenault

Subscribe to our youtube channel too ;)

Hey guys! We're hard at work on Choke Point's global release, here's a quick update about the new upcoming weapons! Right now, we're finishing new game modes, like the corruption mode, which is awesome :D
From top to bttom: Random gun, swarm gun, eruption gun, chain lightning gun and glave gun.

Also, we're always looking for more testers to test all the new features we add to the game since it's a multiplayer game, so if you're interested, add me skype, my skype name is marco.arsenault