Entry #172

Working on Streets of the Dead live!

2017-02-07 19:13:06 by Evil-Dog

The live stream is up!  I'm working on our upcoming game Streets of the Dead, implementing the new class progression, drop by, talk to me!


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2017-02-07 23:17:39

Ah, but when are we going to get segway of the dead 2?

Evil-Dog responds:



2017-02-08 00:36:34

say man, do you have a release date for any of your games? you are an inspiration to me, and seems like you dont make free flash games anymore

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah this one is coming out pretty soon and free, then we make another one, THEN maybe we won't make other free flash games haha


2017-02-08 02:09:25

I'll do the same thing tomorrow around the same time! Drop by!


2017-02-08 02:32:56

That good continues with your projects >.<,I hope you do not gualify that game I've been waiting for years,it supported you in everything that you do to the guide of here it like,to see to youtuber DrossRotzank XD

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for the support


2017-02-08 07:50:16

I love all your games, hope this one gets released soon!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah me too!


2017-02-08 19:05:07

I sincerely enjoy your games (especially the "...of the dead" series) I'll try to be patient enough to wait for this new game! :D