Entry #174

Streaming night! Streets of the Dead!

2017-02-23 19:33:48 by Evil-Dog

Streaming night! Streets of the Dead: Class Progression Part 2!
Join me!


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2017-02-24 18:19:03

Say, I REALLY love your "of The Dead" Series, but I was wondering, have you considered making a FULL game based on the "of The Dead" Series? Y'know, for consoles/PC. (Both?) I'd really love to see a "of The Dead" game that isn't Flash/Browser based, plus I'm sure your fans would REALLY love it! :D


2017-03-13 04:02:32

Jeez, i have a horrible schedule.
What classes will there be?
And what will it feel like playing?


2017-05-03 10:18:44

Its been years since i wanted to see the epilogue for Road of the Dead 2 after they nuked Evans City, was starting to get worried that we would not see the epilogue on Streets of the Dead, You REALLY Should consider to port all the games to Steam greenlight, i would DEFINITELY BUY IT :D

Im hoping to see soon up for your next project :D