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StoryShift Comic Update!

2014-03-20 07:07:35 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! There's a lot of new updates on StoryShift! New chapters and new stories!  Here's the breakdown!

We now have a new story called "Expedition Z" by James Renner, whose book "The Man From Primrose Lane" has been acquired by Warner Bros to be made into a movie with Bradley Cooper.

Twenty years after the outbreak, two young cadets are sent on a mission west, to document survivors. A post-apocalyptic Lewis and Clark, in a country destroyed by zombies.


We also have a new story called "Emerald" by Silverpetal, a Newgrounds writer. She's the most recent writer to join StoryShift. Emerald is a a cool and unique story so check it out as well and go vote on the current decision!

It has been four decades since the Company was brought down, an organization that used volunteers to create a people that are called demons. One day our hero is contacted by them, and a struggle to find out who runs it and what they want begins.


A lot of the stories are now at chapter 2 and still in their voting period so check them out.  One of our few comics, "Subject 442" by SickDeathFiend, just got a new chapter so you should definitly check that one!


Let me know in the comments if you'd like more frequent updates on here.  Also I'm curious, are you guys following stories in StoryShift? What do you think of this project?  We sure do love it.



Check out StoryShift!

2014-03-02 13:07:08 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! The first voting wave in StoryShift was a great success and concluded yesterday! So thanks to everyone who participated.  The voted decisions will be revealed shortly, you can subscribe to the stories to be notified of their updates, the decision reveals and the new chapters.

While this is happenning, you can still vote on "Chicago Duo", which has over a day left to vote.


You can also check our 2 new stories:

"Fire And Feathers" by K. N. Salustro You’re the hero! Possibly… It’s either you or Miranda. Can you prove to the Elders that YOU are the true Child of the Prophecy, and that you’re worthy of all the power and glory that comes with the role?


"Traveler in Exile" by Dale Harisson A young boy finds himself abandoned in a strange land, with no memories of who he is or where he came from. As he struggles to find a new life, can he unlock the mystery of his past?


If you don't even know what StoryShift is, check it out now! It's a community driven storytelling platform where the community vote on what should happen next in the stories and comics.


Our new project StoryShift is out!

2014-02-22 09:21:08 by Evil-Dog

So we're finally unleashing our latest project called StoryShift.  Play it now on: Here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634402 iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/storyshift/id805368605 ndroid: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evildogproductions.storyshift Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Evil-Dog-Productions-StoryShift/dp/B00I1BUUCS

StoryShift is a community-driven storytelling platform where you can read stories and comics and vote on what should happen next.  We dearly welcome your participation in this global storytelling experience, so start voting on our awesome stories and comics!

Every story goes through a cycle: - The author makes a chapter ending with a choice for the community. - There's a voting period of typically a week. - Based on the majority decision by the community, the author works on the next chapter. - The new chapter is released and again, ends with a choice for the community. - The cycle goes on.

By being active in StoryShift, you will gain voting power and your votes will have more weight. So join now and start choosing where you want the stories to go. You will find a lot of talent in these written stories and comics.

Please share it with everyone you know :D

If you're a writer or comic artist and interested in dedicating some of your time to episodic and community-driven chapters, contact me! :)

Let us know in the comments below what you think of StoryShift!


Dentist app...whut?

2014-02-17 15:41:04 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys!

Here at Evil-Dog Productions, we mostly make games and sometimes small apps.  But sometimes (just this one time :P), we also work on big secret projects for a long time until they eventually come out.   The Solo-DX is such a project.


We've worked for a while in collaboration with leading Quebec-based company Sinexus who gave us the task of building this app from the ground up.  They are partnered with other companies involved in the field of dentistry and handled the creation of the 2D and 3D content of the app. The Solo-Dx will allow dentists to quickly and interactively show their patients what problems they have and the solutions proposed.

If you know some dentists or people in the field, you can share this with them and they can get a quote for the available products, including the awesome Solo-DX.

Now, back to games! :D Next update: Our new project, StoryShift, comes out on wednesday if all goes well!  Stay put.

Looking for Writers and Comic Artists!

2014-01-23 12:03:18 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys!

I'm looking for writers and comic artists for phase 2 of StoryShift, my community driven storytelling platform where you make a chapter of a story with a choice at the end, then people vote on what should happen next and you make the next chapter based on that community vote and so on. There's potential revenues involved so if you're interested or if you know someone who would be, proceed to the appropriate forum post for more info :)

For writers http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1359408

For comic artists http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1359409


StoryShift, our community-driven story telling platform is almost ready and should launch in a few weeks once we go through the approval process on the various platforms we're putting it on (iOS, android, amazon, Flash).

Most writers and artists involved are from Newgrounds and I'll be recruiting more talented and dedicated writers and comic artists to add more stories.

Make sure you like our StoryShift page to stay updated and join the launch event!  It's gonna be on Newgrounds too!




Ninja Yubi Trailer! Check it out!

2013-12-31 11:35:08 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We've released the Ninja Yubi gameplay trailer to help promote it! Check it out! If you have an android device, get the game, review and rate to help us out :D  Check the trailer!  Subcribe to our channel too if you wanna stay updated!

I'm also livestreaming all day, working on Beast's Fury.  Join me for a chat, Q&A, game progress and cool music!


I'll be streaming all day everyday for the next 6 days! So hop on when you have a chance!


AH! My annual christmas song is OUT!

2013-12-28 01:31:23 by Evil-Dog

EDIT: I added the youtube video :D Hey guys! My slightly late annual christmas punk song is OUT: Carol of the BALLS! lol



Hope you're having a blast during the holidays! Let me know what you think of the song, rate it, etc.

On a secondary note, I wanna remind you that our new game Ninja Yubi is out on Android so get it if you have an android device, it's a free game.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evildogproductions.ninjayubi Make sure you review and rate it to help us get visibility on the android market ranking.  Cheers!

I'm currently working on the iOS and Blackberry releases which should come out in a few weeks based on the delays in the approval process :) 

Keep following out stuff and sharing it with friends, much appreciated!

Hey guys! Some of you may know I was working on a mobile game called Ninja Yubi!

It just came out on the android store! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evildogproductions.ninjayubi

So if you wanna help us, get it and give it a nice review and 5 star rating!

For iPhone,iPad,iPod users, the iOS version should be out in a few weeks, their approval process takes much longer.

It might also come out on newgrounds as a unity game but I'm not sure yet about that.

Let me know if you have any comment or questions or feedback on the game!


Title says it all!  Come join me on the stream :) http://www.livestream.com/evildogproductions