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StoryShift Video And Author Interview

2014-06-18 12:42:24 by Evil-Dog

Hey there good people of the NG kingdom! I've done a development video showing the process I go through to release a new chapter in StoryShift! You might find it interesting! Check it out, let me know what you think in the comments!

In other StoryShift related news, author James Renner, who writes "Expedition Z", is an investigative reporter. There's an interview he did about his search for Maura Murray.  Fascinating stuff!


So here you go, I hope you find this stuff interesting! :)
Comments? Questions? Insults? Leave em right here below :D

So I took a little break to make Beast's Fury Chibi but now I'm back on working on our actual multiplayer game Dark Siege! I'm currently streaming my work on it so join me http://www.livestream.com/evildogproductions 
I play good music and you can see my progress on the game, ask questions ,etc


Also check my latest tiny game Beast's Fury Chibi! It's a small multiplayer fighting game to promote our Beast's Fury kickstarter, so check it out :)


Woo! I've just released our first actual multiplayer game, although it's only a small promotional game to help our Beast's Fury Kickstarter, it's still a lot of fun to beat the crap out of other NGers! So check out Beast's Fury Chibi!


If you wanna go straight to the point and help us directly, you can help us with our kickstarter!

We're livestreaming! Working on Beast's Fury Chibi!
It's a small promo game for our Beast's Furt kickstarter! Trying to spread the word about it with a fun simple game. It's basically rock paper scissors wrapped in a fighting game look :) Come check it out!

And support our kickstarter any way you can!




Livestreaming and Beast's Fury!

2014-06-02 11:46:12 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! I'm currently working on our upcoming multiplayer game Dark Siege and live streaming my work with good music! So join me to check what's up and chat :)


Also, we really need your help to fund our fighting game project Beast's Fury, we need your money or your help spreading the word to people who have money to give :D


Hey guys! Beast's Fury is still going but we need your help! Working on a 2D fighting game is a LOT of work, especially on the art and animation side as each of the thousands of frames are drawn, inked and colored individually, it's pretty intense.  We really need your help getting the game development going on that one! 

Every bit helps so please read the kickstarter campaign to understand our needs and check the rewards you get by helping us fund the game!

It's sure to be an amazing game, just need help from the community! :D Thanks guys!

Here's the versus art of a new character, we're serious about this game, we need you :)


Dark Siege: Live Streaming!

2014-05-12 12:27:38 by Evil-Dog

Hey there fellas! Working on Dark Siege, our upcoming multilpayer strategy game, and live streaming it!
Come check it out for a chat, good music and seeing how we make games!


Livestream is up! The Blind Swordsman for the blind!

2014-05-07 13:34:19 by Evil-Dog

Hey join the Evil-Dog livestream! 
I'm adapting The Blind Swordsman for actual blind people from audiogames.net.

Come check it out!

EDIT: We're live again!

The Evil-Dog Live Stream is on! Join me!

2014-04-30 12:44:25 by Evil-Dog

I'm working on our upcoming multiplayer strategy game, Dark Siege
Join the stream!

That's all :)

Yeah I waste a front page post just for that :)  Just join the stream chat, I got good electro retro music and shit.


EDIT: The stream has ended! :)  Join later, you can see if it's live on evil-dog.com

The Blind Swordsman: A Real Game!

2014-04-04 23:05:17 by Evil-Dog

So we've released The Blind Swordsman on April 1st.


While the idea was originally an April Fools prank like "You play as a blind swordsman and it's a black screen and you can't do anything ha! ha! ha!", we decided to push the idea much further and make it into an actual game.

We worked hard on creating a unique experience and obviously some people really hated the idea haha but some really loved it.  In any case, the people saying it's just an april fools prank are lying and what's even funnier are people trolling and saying things like "woah the bears on level 5 are really hard" or whatever, oblivious to the fact that there ARE further levels and they are the fool lol


So yeah, The Blind Swordsman is a fully playable game where you must listen carefully where the enemies are and listen to their attack patterns to defeat them, best played with headphones on for a better sound placement effect. I worked on a system where each sound is actually 4 sounds, a front close sound, a front far sound, a back close sound and a back far sound.  Each with their own particular effect to sound close, far, in front and behind you (with headphones).


The way to play the game properly as a blind swordsman is to start the battle on the defensive to determine the enemy's pattern and movements. Rashly attacking enemies is a sure way to die.  You can parry attacks by pressing the parry button right before the attack lands, the enemies always have a grunt sound before the attacks land like eeeeeYAH, ooooooHA, hmmmmpHAA, etc.  That is your cue to parry.  Now each enemy has an opening when you can attack and defeat them, THAT you must find!


There are 10 levels, each with its own kind of enemy or group of enemies. It's all doable but clearly a difficult game. We hope you give it a shot now that there are medals to be earned and that you know it's all possible to beat.  We had fun working on the game and crunched really hard to get it done by April Fools, we still decided to release it on April Fools, just for the fact that it's a unique, almost joke-like, concept.  But we put our whole into it and made it more than a prank.

We hope you enjoyed it and if you didn't, we hope you'll give it another go :)


Thanks to everyone who gave us genuinely good feedback about the game and how to make it better, v1.2 is currently out and contains a bunch of fixes, medals, highscores, etc.  Working on some more fixes and tweaks as well.