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Our new project StoryShift is out!

2014-02-22 09:21:08 by Evil-Dog

So we're finally unleashing our latest project called StoryShift.  Play it now on: Here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634402 iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/storyshift/id805368605 ndroid: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evildogproductions.storyshift Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Evil-Dog-Productions-StoryShift/dp/B00I1BUUCS

StoryShift is a community-driven storytelling platform where you can read stories and comics and vote on what should happen next.  We dearly welcome your participation in this global storytelling experience, so start voting on our awesome stories and comics!

Every story goes through a cycle: - The author makes a chapter ending with a choice for the community. - There's a voting period of typically a week. - Based on the majority decision by the community, the author works on the next chapter. - The new chapter is released and again, ends with a choice for the community. - The cycle goes on.

By being active in StoryShift, you will gain voting power and your votes will have more weight. So join now and start choosing where you want the stories to go. You will find a lot of talent in these written stories and comics.

Please share it with everyone you know :D

If you're a writer or comic artist and interested in dedicating some of your time to episodic and community-driven chapters, contact me! :)

Let us know in the comments below what you think of StoryShift!



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2014-02-22 10:51:26

new zombie game next week

Evil-Dog responds:

Nope hehe


2014-02-22 11:09:59

This sounds like an amazing project !
Also did i mention that you release so many things in so little amount of time its incredible !

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah and many things are coming haha I'm on a roll!


2014-02-22 11:49:27

Congrats on releasing it!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thank you man!


2014-02-22 11:56:52

pretty cool!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks! Share it with everyone, it'll help us a lot!


2014-02-22 14:52:10

The comic pages are loaded from somewhere dynamically, or embedded in the SWF?
What benefit do comic artists gain in comparison to hosting their comics on their websites (besides cross-exposure)?

Evil-Dog responds:

It's all on the server so we can update stories and chapters without bloating the swf. It's also on mobile.
The benefits are exposure, potential revenues, cross promotion, a focused app to be on, it's a platform. If people prefer hosting their comic on their own website they can do that too of course.
It's a bit like why put a game on newgrounds instead of just putting it on your own website.


2014-02-22 18:08:52

well I got some stories of my own here and I would like to share with everyone

Evil-Dog responds:

StoryShift is not a story sharing platform, you have to start a new story that involves the community and be commited to it for at least a year
PM me if you wanna discuss further


2014-02-22 23:59:08

I'm really interested in this.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yup got your PM, we'll talk and see if you're a good candidate


2014-02-23 17:25:21

This sounds like a really awesome idea. Audience-dictated, episodic comics made by talented artists, quality controll so that they keep a high quality standart...I'll definetly read into it!

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome dude! Comics and stories :)


2014-02-23 18:06:51

This is awesome :) Made a news post about it myself and I'm trying to light up twitter all on my own. No takers so far, but give me time

Evil-Dog responds:



2014-02-27 23:17:28

Hello, Evil-Dog. I'm glad that you did another game. But, since a while, I was wondering about the project of POM Pro that you began since a long time age. What's going on with it? Is this project has been cancelled or what?

Evil-Dog responds:

Not canceled but on hold until I get to it, someday :)