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Livestream is up! Working on new game!

2014-11-19 09:37:51 by Evil-Dog

Our livestream is up! Working all day on "King of the Mountain", come check it out and hang out!


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New StoryShift story called Drifter! Check it out!

2014-11-18 09:50:57 by Evil-Dog

Great news! We've got a new writer and a new story added to StoryShift! It's called Drifter by M.J. Yates, an adventure/drama story.
Sip Fisher lived a humble but happy life until he lost the one thing that defined him. Now he wanders aimlessly, hoping to find something he can't even identify, all the while meeting people who have one thing in common -- they need his help. Read it and vote here or on mobile.
Newgrounds: http://bit.ly/NM6Ffi
iOS: http://bit.ly/1qBNWzc
Android: http://bit.ly/1shA5Qt



New Game: Code Name "King Of The Mountain"

2014-11-15 09:26:14 by Evil-Dog

EDIT: Streaming sunday all day as well

Hey everyone, we're doing a new game in 1 month, code name King of the Mountain, a multiplayer action game! Come check the livestream, we're working on it!


EDIT: New Image, it's a sci-fi game after all :)



Hey guys! We had the change to be at Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) 2014 as part of the iWeb booth! Here's our showcase video that we had playing and looping on one of our monitors!  What do you think?



5 Parts Video Series On Dark Siege Development!

2014-11-08 17:31:42 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! I've posted a 5 parts series on the current state of our upcoming game multiplayer strategy game Dark Siege! Go watch it! We're also very interested in your feedback!


Ready for the apocalypse? New StoryShift story called Disarray!

2014-11-04 23:07:01 by Evil-Dog

PERFECT DAY FOR THE APOCALYPSE! We have a new story in StoryShift called "Disarray"! Perfect time to join in and vote on what should happen in the next chapter! You can start crafting the future of this story right from the start! 4 days left to vote on the first chapter!

Try it on newgrounds or on mobile!
Newgrounds: http://bit.ly/NM6Ffi
iOS: http://bit.ly/1qBNWzc
Android: http://bit.ly/1shA5Qt

In a not too distant future, a city is sabotaged, leaving it with an odd mix of disrupted technology and evolved bureaucracy. Police officer Mack Briggs is confident in his ability to work under pressure (although I’m not sure what he means by that).


Smash From Beyond Trailer LOL!

2014-10-31 02:27:36 by Evil-Dog

What do you think? We included some flatering comments LMAO! Thanks to DruoxTheShredder for the voice!



2014-10-28 02:01:17 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! Great news! We've taken a break from our big main project to work hard on a little game for you for halloween! So we give you Smash From Beyond! A neat little game that will keep your brain busy as you take care of disposing of evil possessed pumpkins! Try it out! Let us know what you think!


You can get it on Android HERE!

And if you want it on iOS, you can get notified when it's out! It's still in the approval process and apple are sometimes slow!

Hope you like it! :D

Upcoming halloween game: Smash From Beyond

2014-10-24 13:04:04 by Evil-Dog

Title for our upcoming halloween game: Smash From Beyond
Amazing or Godly?  :'D

Currently finishing the game on the livestream: http://www.hitbox.tv/EvilDogProductions
Come check it out!


Halloween game development LIVESTREAM!

2014-10-21 10:23:45 by Evil-Dog

EDIT: Streaming today too!

Working on the halloween game on the livestream! Join me and check it out yeah? Come have a chat with me!