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Our halloween game: programmer art vs actual art :D

It's a pumpkin smashing game :)  Coming soon


Evil-Dog Livestream: Halloween game in the works!

2014-10-08 10:47:22 by Evil-Dog

EDIT: Day #2 in progress, still streaming!



Working on a halloween game today on the livestream! Come join me and see what we're doing this year! 


Dark Siege Progress! Our livestream is up! Join me!

2014-10-01 11:33:28 by Evil-Dog


EDIT: Still streaming!

Hey guys! We're still working hard on Dark Siege, our upcoming multiplayer turn-based strategy game for flash, steam and mobile! I'm currently livestreaming my work on the game so come join me and have a chat!
I'll be happy to have some company.


Hey guys! Road of the Dead 2 contains many many MANY easter eggs all year long, especially on Madness Day!
Go try Road of the Dead 2: Madness Edition!


Hey guys! Our livestream is up, I'm there, SickDeathFiend is there, and other people! So come join us for a chat and seeing progress on our new game in development!


New server! New games and stuff!

2014-09-04 11:40:15 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! Good news! Our server migration is complete and the new server is a beast, thanks to iWeb. It'll help us have faster websites and more importantly, run our multiplayer game server! Right now, the only game using our MP server is Beast's Fury Chibi but more are coming.


Right now we're working on Dark Siege, our multiplayer turn based strategy game. That's our active project right now and I'm sometimes livestreaming my work on it. I'm currently working on the server-side action manager that drives the gameplay and handles everyone's effect and abilities and all that.  It's the core of the game and when I'm done with that, we'll see some early alpha gameplay video :)  For now here's some new unit work-in-progress artwork!  Every unit has an alternate with different stats and strategy and ability.



Another thing is we're released our mobile game Ninja Yubi on the web like we did with Range of the Dead. So check it out!
It's also available on mobile
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evildogproductions.ninjayubi&hl=en
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/ninja-yubi/id795920126?mt=8


What else...we're continuing with StoryShift updates and stuff, so I guess that's it for now :)

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Hello everyone, this is an important message to let you know that on monday, we're doing a server migration which includes all our websites, game services like highscores, voting systems, etc and all our server-side softwares like our multiplayer server for Beast's Fury Chibi.

The bottomline is that most of our websites, games and apps will be unavailable, missing features, unresponsive or all of the above for the most part of monday and possibly on tuesday as well depending on how fast the DNS propagation happens.

It's a good news though as we're now working with iWeb for our server hosting and they're allowing us to have a much more powerful server which will fuel our current online services and our upcoming multiplayer games.

Sorry for the inconvenience, just bear with it for a day or two :)


Been a while! Back on the #livestream working on Dark Siege! Join me! That's it! You join me and that's all there is to it! You join the stream NOW, right? ok....really...join me there.


You know, we do many cool things, we release games and apps, release new features, make cool videos, sometimes music, share cool news...and it's often hard to reach our fans, we have over 10,000 fans on Newgrounds.com, yet only a few people ever see our news posts, Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to reach our followers as only about 5% of our posts reach them, Facebook wants people to buy ads and boost posts with money. Our followings on other communities like Google+, tumblr and pinterest are pretty small.

So I invite (order :P) you to subscribe to our mailing list to get our important news directly, don't worry we don't spam with petty updates on there.  it's just for the big announcements so go ahead, subscribe with the subscribe button on


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We've got people covering our stuff, making reviews, walkthroughs, etc.  We really love that, here's a couple cool videos on Range of the Dead!

Range of the Dead Semi-Walkthrough

Plasma Rift's review of Range of the Dead on Indie Quest!

Thanks for reading people, keep following our stuff, we've got lots of stuff coming :)

Hey guys! I'm back on the livestream! I'm working on our upcoming multiplayer turn based strategy game called Dark Siege!  Join me for Q&A and stuff! Come check it out :)