Entry #114

Dark Siege: Streaming all day!

2014-06-12 13:21:49 by Evil-Dog

So I took a little break to make Beast's Fury Chibi but now I'm back on working on our actual multiplayer game Dark Siege! I'm currently streaming my work on it so join me http://www.livestream.com/evildogproductions 
I play good music and you can see my progress on the game, ask questions ,etc


Also check my latest tiny game Beast's Fury Chibi! It's a small multiplayer fighting game to promote our Beast's Fury kickstarter, so check it out :)



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2014-06-12 16:35:57

Awww C: you're awesome bae
Love you so much boo dont let them get to you always stay true to your dreams <3


2014-06-14 17:13:05

dont just say "im going to stream right now" tell us about it a few days before it say"im going to stream on 18/6/14 for example cause then i miss it

Evil-Dog responds:

Good point but it's kinda hard to know when I'll be streaming you know?
But yeah I'll try it like you said, makes more sense indeed!


2014-06-16 00:39:53

You're working on Beast's Fury? Man, all the more reason I need to scrounge up some money for that thing. D:

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah any help, HELPS