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Very good news! StoryShift has a new story called "Reflections & Deceptions"! Check it out, chapter one is awesome! Go vote on the first decision to decide what should happen next!

Felix is of a race whose physical appearance reflects their actions. An evil guild of this race has learned to hide among the innocent, with such a power, chaos is surely brewing. Felix is adopted by a guild who seeks to stop this detrimental group.


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Livestreaming all day! Working on the Unity3d version of Dark Siege! Come join me and have a chat!


We have a new comic in StoryShift! Check it out! It's called Cold Read and follows the story of dishonored psychic Eli Knight.  Check it out and take part in the first decision!

Here's a sample:



Join my Evil-Dog livestream!

2014-07-20 16:09:38 by Evil-Dog

EDIT: July 21st Streaming all day today as well!

Yup still working on Dark Siege and will be for a good while, so I often leave the livestream up so you can see what I'm doing, so join me! Come ask questions, check what I'm working on, listen to great music, have a chat, etc! 


Work in progress.393421_140588694783_castle1_throne_5_units.jpg

Hey guys! Quick news! The livestream is up, working on Dark Siege's army manager! Come check it out, have a chat, listen to great music, etc!

Hey there!

First of all, I wanna do a roll call to all my fans and friends and see how well this new update feed thingie works, just tell me you saw this in the comments if you did :)  I WANNA FEEL THE LOVE MOTHERLOVERS!!! haha

So! We're hard at work on Dark Siege, our upcoming multiplayer strategy game, and I wanted to share with you a short video that I made showing how good artists, such as Jim Kidwell aka SickDeathFiend, use finer details to really improve the final artwork.  Maybe it's because I'm a programmer but the final comparison impresses the hell out of me!  Let me know what you think in the comments below or in the comments on the youtube video!


Evil-Dog Livestream is up!

2014-07-07 12:42:19 by Evil-Dog

Join me on the livestream for Q&A, seeing game progress, good music, whatever you want! :)


Evil-Dog Livestream!

2014-07-01 12:43:52 by Evil-Dog

Back on the livestream|  Working on Dark Siege battles!
Join me for game progresses, good music, Q&A, whatever you want! Don't leave me all by myself there :D


The Evil-Dog livestream is up!

2014-06-27 12:43:13 by Evil-Dog

Title says it all! Our live stream is up: http://www.livestream.com/evildogproductions
Working on Dark Siege, our upcoming online multiplayer strategy game! Join us for dev progress, cool music, a chat, whatever, just come :)


StoryShift Video And Author Interview

2014-06-18 12:42:24 by Evil-Dog

Hey there good people of the NG kingdom! I've done a development video showing the process I go through to release a new chapter in StoryShift! You might find it interesting! Check it out, let me know what you think in the comments!

In other StoryShift related news, author James Renner, who writes "Expedition Z", is an investigative reporter. There's an interview he did about his search for Maura Murray.  Fascinating stuff!


So here you go, I hope you find this stuff interesting! :)
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