Entry #129

Server migration = Down time and uber new server!

2014-08-28 17:25:07 by Evil-Dog

Hello everyone, this is an important message to let you know that on monday, we're doing a server migration which includes all our websites, game services like highscores, voting systems, etc and all our server-side softwares like our multiplayer server for Beast's Fury Chibi.

The bottomline is that most of our websites, games and apps will be unavailable, missing features, unresponsive or all of the above for the most part of monday and possibly on tuesday as well depending on how fast the DNS propagation happens.

It's a good news though as we're now working with iWeb for our server hosting and they're allowing us to have a much more powerful server which will fuel our current online services and our upcoming multiplayer games.

Sorry for the inconvenience, just bear with it for a day or two :)



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2014-08-29 12:20:40

Lol, 18 Hours passed, 9829 Fans, and still no comments... Must be tough, huh?

Evil-Dog responds:

I know right? :)


2014-08-29 23:24:27

I shall comment to make you feel better, senpais.

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha thank you ZombieMesh-kun


2014-08-30 00:08:03

I'd love to hear about your experience with both server providers.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah we can talk in a few months, see how it goes


2014-08-30 11:44:22

This comment is about to become 2 days old. With the fans you have, this post still has 3 comments?

I am so sorry... It's kinda well, what's the word...? Pitiful.

Well, in time when you have active fans that ACTUALLY speaks English well, I'm sure your posts will Skyrocket!

Anyway, when might your next project be released?

Evil-Dog responds:

Don't worry about it, it's the same on facebook, almost 1000 likes on the page but barely any activity, it's fine :) As long as people are playing my games that's cool.

Next project maybe in a month or 2, Dark Siege, our multiplayer turn based strategy game.


2014-09-03 21:06:14

Random question not really related to this. How are you supposed to get past #40 in range of the dead if the grenade can't travel that far?

Evil-Dog responds:

they can, charge your throw and use W to direct the grenade higher, therefore farther


2014-09-03 23:02:28

I'm on the mobile version. How do you adjust that?

Evil-Dog responds:

same thing, hold to charge and when it's flying, there's the influence area in the bottom right where you charged, it's a cirlce, press in the upper area to influence the trajectory upward.


2014-09-03 23:07:15

Okay thanks dude.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah let me know if you figured it out


2014-09-03 23:10:30

Am I supposed to just cluck there? Or drag and click or...? I feel I'm missing something still.

Evil-Dog responds:

just hold in the upward area in the bottom right thingie


2014-09-03 23:13:48

Oh okay I got it now.

Evil-Dog responds:

Sweet, we could have made this mechanic much clearer, oh well