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We do cool stuff, follow us! yeah?!

2014-08-17 14:45:33 by Evil-Dog


You know, we do many cool things, we release games and apps, release new features, make cool videos, sometimes music, share cool news...and it's often hard to reach our fans, we have over 10,000 fans on Newgrounds.com, yet only a few people ever see our news posts, Facebook makes it incredibly difficult to reach our followers as only about 5% of our posts reach them, Facebook wants people to buy ads and boost posts with money. Our followings on other communities like Google+, tumblr and pinterest are pretty small.

So I invite (order :P) you to subscribe to our mailing list to get our important news directly, don't worry we don't spam with petty updates on there.  it's just for the big announcements so go ahead, subscribe with the subscribe button on


We're also pretty much everywhere and you can subscribe to our communities to get our regular smaller updates like artwork progress, livestream anouncements, storyshift updates, etc!
So follow us!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvilDogGames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvilDogGames
Google+: https://plus.google.com/106416785885633443550/posts
Tumblr: http://evildogproductions.tumblr.com/
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/evildoggames/


We've got people covering our stuff, making reviews, walkthroughs, etc.  We really love that, here's a couple cool videos on Range of the Dead!

Range of the Dead Semi-Walkthrough

Plasma Rift's review of Range of the Dead on Indie Quest!

Thanks for reading people, keep following our stuff, we've got lots of stuff coming :)


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2014-08-17 18:30:16

I've always done my best to read every news post you make on Newgrounds. I hardly check my email, and social media gives me a headache. I'll stick to constantly checking the artist's news. :P

Evil-Dog responds:

sounds good :)


2014-08-17 19:07:33

I'll follow your stuff, regardless of where you post them... I love all the games you made so far, and wish you all the luck to keep making them.
Just one question. All your games until now have been for free. Will you keep that, or do you plan to start making bigger, paid, games?

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Only Lab of the dead is 1$ on mobile.
Most of our upcoming game will have a multiplayer part to it and I believe indie multiplayer games must be free to be successful so yeah, should be free. The only paid games I could imagine is Road of the Dead HD on steam and a horror game we've been working on that's on hold, that one might not be free.


2014-08-19 17:41:12

I really like your games.
Just to let you know,Armor Games now has support for Unity games:
Please keep up your good work.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I know, range of the dead is on there or being approved to be on there


2014-08-26 13:42:53

Yay, Road of the Dead for Mobile! FiendMachine's idea about motion sensing is good.

Evil-Dog responds:

Like I said, I actually HATE motion sensing controls haha