Road of the Dead 2 and Beast's Fury!

2013-10-29 11:03:51 by Evil-Dog

Hey there people!

First of all, need a bit of your help! Newgrounds had its long exclusive run with Road of the Dead 2 but now it's out on Kongregate as well and we're currently ranking in the monthly contest, can you help us place high in the contest and go rate the game on kong? Much appreciated! :D

Secondly, I'll be working on the fighting game project Beast's Fury on my live stream!
So join me for Q&A and whatever you want! :D


Road of the Dead 2 and Beast's Fury!


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2013-10-29 11:10:00

Beast Fury? Will there be an actual evil dog character there?

Evil-Dog responds:

There's an evil psycho dog but it's not me, it's not my project, but I joined as the programmer :)


2013-10-29 11:21:36

Awesome stream enjoying every single sec of it :D

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool dude


2013-10-29 15:13:26

Programming a VS fighter does not seem so hard.
But animating these dudes sure is intimidating, on such quality level.
I suppose you're going to program client-side, the game engine.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah client side
Are you a programmer? If not, I really don't know on what basis you think it's not so hard haha


2013-10-29 17:28:26

as long as the game is free and on the PC then its awesome
if not the game is terrible in my eyes

Evil-Dog responds:

Well fuck you then


2013-10-30 02:07:35

Your amazing game has been rated 5/5 as usual, can't wait to see what your doing on Beast's Fury! I did find an interesting bug in Road of the Dead 2 recently and figured you would see it here first instead of the comments on the game. If Diane or Cocheta are wounded and you go on the highway the first time in the story, they are instantly healed for no real reason. Dunno if that is a bug or not, but it seemed off so I figured I would let you know. Anyways, fantastic stuff and can't wait to see what comes out next.

Evil-Dog responds:

Ah! Quite likely a bug :D I'll check it out


2013-10-30 13:43:23

if its on a phone its not terrible just not good and a bit unfair to people who don't like phones

Evil-Dog responds:

I don't care what you think, game developers are not your slaves to make free games for you, if we wanna sell it, we're damn well going to.


2013-10-31 05:35:40

remeber if its flash i refuse to pay anything for it
steam im fine with
just when its all flash and on sites like NG and kong and we have to pay for DLC its not fair as the entire game should be 100% free if its there

Evil-Dog responds:

you're an idiot


2013-11-02 12:14:11

evil dog i was wondering did you make road of the dead 2 because of my other accounts idea? my accounts name was wesmaster9 but now its wesmster9!!

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-11-03 20:29:56

I know this doesn't have anything to do with your post, but I didn't get the 'Legendary Terror' medal, even though I completed the game and got a perfect score on every level. I saw you reply to another reviewer saying you'd fix it, but it's still not working for me. And have the same problem for the 'Perfect Soldiers" medal in ROTD2.


2013-11-04 09:05:24

Oh my sh!ts, I didn't know you were known in this website for the Road of the Dead games.
Anyways, I'll be checking out the stream more often *o*

When is the next stream session?

Evil-Dog responds:

Mostly everyday at some point in the day


2013-11-05 20:02:52

so evildog do you got any other special holidays games coming?

Evil-Dog responds:

I don't think so :)


2013-11-10 01:16:07

aww yeah!!! a Furry's FIghting Videogame

definitely... i will be waiting for this game :D