Our new game is out!

2013-10-16 21:25:49 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We just submitted our halloween game. Another game by me and SickDeathFiend so go ahead and go play Freak o' Lantern! :D It's simple but fun game!

Let us know what you think in the reviews or here! :)

Our new game is out!


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2013-10-16 21:37:37

I'm glad it's out! I remember watching the streams everyday :D!
Keep making awesome games guys!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man! :D


2013-10-17 05:25:41

It does look like a game.
Good job man.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks bra


2013-10-17 08:59:22

Man all of those streams....
Good time...

Evil-Dog responds:

Hell yeah!


2013-10-17 09:49:04

Finally, after watching all those lives(remember me? ARandomNinja...? :P), I can finally play! Keep up the good work, Evil-Dog and SickDeathFiend.


Evil-Dog responds:

of course I remember you :D
Hope you had fun


2013-10-17 15:27:16

well from a gamers point of view gamplay looks good and enemies are hard to beat and oh wait i forgot Candiessss xD nice game marco question is will the little guy get fat from eating so much candies? or is he going to have a heart attack from eating too much sugar hehe :)

Evil-Dog responds:

maybe both? haha


2013-10-17 19:56:10

hahaha oh wow I actually in all honesty expected this to be some hashed together Halloween poo to skip over but you all surprised me completely! This is both in depth with perks and hiding spots and the first time I heard a kid scream "holy shit" I just couldn't stop laughing so it had humor too. Great addition evil I hope to see more things like this in the future. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Hey thanks! I appreciate your comment


2013-10-18 08:50:57

I did leave a review, to sum it up: great stuff!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man!


2013-10-18 12:19:30

Whats next?

Evil-Dog responds:

A couple mobile projects and also Range of the Dead for flash


2013-10-19 04:00:45

keep up the amazing work Marco

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man :D


2013-10-22 02:20:57

Off topic, but is the new Chucks Nation music thing still happening? I was extremely excited when I read that, kinda on the edge of my chair, haha

Evil-Dog responds:

We have to get back to that, the band has been dead for mooonntthhss...


2013-10-22 04:17:27

No rush! Can't rush a good thing. Thanks for the quick reply!

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure no problem, this one was a slow reply haha


2013-10-23 23:48:31

Hi bro, amazing game. I think there are something wrong with the last medal, i got all the levels on perfect or is it a secret trick?

Evil-Dog responds:

All perks upgraded and all perfects, should work? I'll have a look