Check our halloween game!

2013-09-27 12:41:12 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys, we're working on a cool action/stealth halloween game with a weird creature and tons of upgrades.
Join me on the live stream to see it and have a nice chat :D

Check our halloween game!


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2013-09-27 12:43:41

good luck guys

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks man


2013-09-28 13:36:36



2013-09-28 18:36:12

looks like its gonna be awesome, cant wait to play it.


2013-09-29 20:19:04

Whilst awesome as really need to be a little less busy, so we can collab on some halloween music one year....Before my old fingers get arthritic, I become forgetful and forget everyone's names and eventually soil myself at the site of a hot..scratch that, any female nurse....

Evil-Dog responds:

lol....yeah way too busy...but road of the dead 2 not being the success it could have been, I remain busy as FUCK


2013-10-01 09:05:48

Upgrades! Woo! Medals too I hope?

Evil-Dog responds: