Halloween game all day! Join our live stream!

2013-09-24 12:07:39 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys!
Still working on the halloween game! Join me in the stream!

Halloween game all day! Join our live stream!


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2013-09-25 10:06:46

Looks great ... and also creep


2013-09-27 02:53:42

In your latest update of ROTD2, the Perfect Soldiers medal is broken/unachievable... for proof, check out how many ppl have it, and from how long ago (possible version number, as to when it failed to work). I still have a backup save.. but I imagine it's not too hard to lose and gain the mounted weapon, thus triggering the medal....

Also, folks are still complaining about the locked steering/acceleration (or repeat key bug). I know there's a bit of code out there that addresses it, but considering you're pushing Flash to its limits...

Evil-Dog responds:

I,ll check that