Road of the Dead 2 is out!

2013-08-28 11:44:25 by Evil-Dog

So Road of the Dead 2 is out! Check the front page!
We've been tweaking the game based on feedback and now I'm trying to optimize the game, and I'm live streaming while doing it! Join me for discussions and good music!


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2013-08-28 11:51:02

I like the game

Evil-Dog responds:

Kewl! ;)


2013-08-28 12:43:32

It's really good game but I think that there are maybe not enough new stuff...

Evil-Dog responds:

hm ok


2013-08-28 13:32:39

Awesome but...
What about streets of the dead?
Is it comming out?
Then when?

Evil-Dog responds:

it's probably next in the Saga (except a flash port of Range of the Dead)


2013-08-28 14:57:37

Well Ok
I hope it will be awesome like Road of the Dead 2 :D

Evil-Dog responds:

I don'T think it will honestly, I mean yes should be pretty fun but it's a game that is completely different


2013-08-28 15:19:10

Is great, but i find myself dying constantly just reloading weapons, dat realism man, dat realism!
That realism is madly frustrating... haha.


2013-08-28 16:12:57

I've been playing the crap out of the game when I can, it's amazing how you made such improvements and the campaign editor is awesome, that must have been hard to do.


2013-08-28 16:57:58

congrats on the release!


2013-08-28 18:50:20

i love you ♥


2013-08-28 19:13:00

Great job at it! I think it's better than the first one because it's more of a survival game instead of a flat-out "how far can you go game?" It's still one of those games, but not as much, since a lot of the game revolves around stopping to pick up civilians, pick up ammo and weapons, and drop off said civilians and so on. It's really good! Keep up the good work for the sequel!

Evil-Dog responds:

Glad you like the new ideas we brought forth in the game, it's a bit disheartening seeing people bash the game about exactly those points.


2013-08-29 00:54:30

just played it but haven't finished it damn i was hard as hell but i love it!


2013-08-29 01:38:24

its a very good game, but how do you heal? I looked tho the menu and it doesn't say ($5 im missing something that's right in front of me)

Evil-Dog responds:

Meds in the church


2013-08-29 06:03:56

YEAAAAAAAAH, finaly i can play on that AWESOME game ! :D

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-08-29 11:42:28

will be road of the dead 2 in end base is overhelmed by zombies i got


2013-08-29 11:43:40

sorry mistake comment

will be road of the dead 3 in end of game our base overhelmed by zombies

Evil-Dog responds:

road 3 happens like 6 months after road 2, you'll see what happens when we work on it :)


2013-08-29 13:58:48

I like the first game, being a road runner.... I enjoyed it very much. It was hard, but not impossibly hard. Some repeated attempts for hours (yeah, hours of repeated attempts) finally finished the game. Very satisfying.

I like the second game as well. being able to shoot those zombies. You know what? Back in the first game, I was wishing I could simply shoot them through. So the second game actually fulfilled my wish. I like being able to rescue people around too. Running away selfishly is fine... saving people are great!

The only problem with the second game is the insane difficulty after 50% of story progress. I'm talking attempts made in hours for a couple days to just get pass 1 check point! That's a bit too much. And my worker who watched me playing the game during work, thought it was too insane to be playable. Hahhaha....

So please make this more akin to the RotD1 level of difficulty.... :D Make luck less a factor. I know the road is randomly generated within certain settings. Sometimes I was thinking all my attempts were made to wait for the RIGHT road to show up so that I could make it through. That's wishing on luck, you know? Not very fun after hours of attempts.


2013-08-29 14:36:10

I found a bug somewhere in campaign creator, can't remember what I pressed, but after that, all buttons were disabled....and so my cool map was lost before saving it.

Evil-Dog responds:

Oh not good! Don't have any more details? thats really vague


2013-08-29 15:36:31

im not falling for that trick again. segway of the dead was a joke, i tried too many times to get past the first zombie barrier

Evil-Dog responds:

You're missing on a game then


2013-08-30 07:56:43

so the guy form range of the dead will follow the chopper from road of the dead 2? plus road of the dead 3 will be john creasman right?

Evil-Dog responds:

no and yes


2013-08-30 10:29:02

An idea if road of the dead 3 ever gets made. How about an option of following a secondary route that goes along parallel way as the primary. Maybe even more routes but that would be probably too much graphic lagg. When I saw something like 3 car splikes one near other, I knew I was fucked.


2013-08-30 11:03:19

@destraight Sorry but Road Of The Dead 2 is actually real, I was one of the Beta Testers of the game and apparently it isn't a joke. :3

Evil-Dog responds:

..and it's not april fools...


2013-08-30 13:10:27

i was caught off guard at the ending... really.. didnt expect that (i was like.. dang.. i shouldve upgraded this and that-feeling).. it was amazinnnggg, including the cut-scene! finishing the game is indeed a fulfilling experience. thank you very much for releasing such a very good game! worth the wait! and the story even gets better... could already tell that part 3 would definitely be awesome... loving the game and its story... btw, for some reason, this game kinda assess one's survival ability during a zombie apocalypse... XD

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man I appreciate :D Glad you liked it!


2013-08-30 14:47:20

Heard it. Saw it. Played it. Loved it.


2013-08-30 16:02:46

Must be another bug. used a full LMG clip on a common male zombie on my windshield. All hit, no kill = death + wtf?

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah the invincible zombie bug, It's on my list


2013-08-30 16:30:48

lol great game

sorry i couldnt try out for beta, my computer crapped out.


2013-08-30 18:24:14

Awesome!! (Still didn't play it, i'm going to now, but i have no doubts it will be incredible)


2013-08-31 09:58:13

Update: Played it, and it's amazing!

Controls worked almost perfectly (Aside from getting stuck a couple of times, not enough to really take from the experience as a whole)
The art was flawless, the only thing i can say is that John looked a bit different, not bad, just different.
Speaking of him, his small appeareance and the easter egg post endgame were a very pleasant surprise.

Anyway, the game is incredible, i just to play non-stop and finish it, and i'm already waiting for where the story goes with RotD 3


2013-08-31 14:23:38

I have difficulties beating the hardcore story mode. It's not difficult to get all the way to the chopper but when the animation has passed or skipped then I never get to the part when I have to defend the chopper. Instead I find myself in car driving some earlier part of the story. First time I was sent to the very beginning and second time somewhere before the highway part.

Evil-Dog responds:

It's fixed in v1.17, should come out today
sorry about that


2013-08-31 16:50:46

Finally completed. Love the endpart with defense at extraction point. Thank god I upgraded some of the guns with accuracy even though shooting zombies was only worth when they get on your windshield. Was also expecting the road of the dead 1 appearance, since the nuke operation happened at the same time.

The only disappointment is the fact, that I still haven't fulfilled the survival guide. Are some of them unlockable at challenge modes?

Evil-Dog responds:

hmm some maybe
which one you missing?


2013-08-31 17:53:49

Ok, just got the enemy soldiers on f.u.b.a.r. There are still two unknown files under them and one below support choppers.


2013-08-31 19:45:00

Awesome game, It's probably one of your best.
But, Do you plan on any content upgrades, or just bug fixes?

Evil-Dog responds:

both, fixing bugs, optimizing and adding editor stuff


2013-09-01 08:25:10

What are the difference between John Creasman car and Hum V when it's available for drive? John's car doesn't seem as fast as RotD 1 now, just slightly faster than the Hum V if I'm not mistaken. However, its lower level of view, and seemingly narrower body, seems good to get into the gap of obstacles. Plus zombies seem to be less easy to climb on the hood. Is there any difference in durability?

I finally finished the game! By putting tinting on, going full screen, medium quality to slow down the game a bit, I finished all the story levels. Before switching this mode, I used to play it normal screen and low quality to make sure the game has a smooth animation. At that smooth FPS setting, the zombies spawned were too intense and the guns are not loading fast enough. The tasks also took long to complete despite full upgrade.

When the game become slower with the increase of display quality,the time needed for reload and task are STILL THE SAME! But the zombies are slower, car goes slower. Yet the distance was covered at the same rate as the faster FPS. So it becomes a lot easier to complete (well, just turning it from impossible to possible, yet challenging).

So now I know each computer would have a different difficulty faced due to different FPS.

Evil-Dog responds:

No I doubt task speed is the same


2013-09-01 21:41:31

i found a bug where if you shoot a gurb zombie in the arms it wont come off it just glitches the arm there plus the auto shotgun isnt an auto shotgun its just a semi auto shotgun D:


2013-09-02 11:30:32

Killer game, brother!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks man :)


2013-10-11 19:00:59

Nice game, but I can't seem to get the Perfect Soldiers medal nor the achievement, even though I have maxed out every weapon (except the mounted weapons, where there is no leveling) and weapon skill of either character, driving skill and toughness of both characters, bumper, engine and tires of the car and every perk. Am I missing something or is this a bug? I noticed that during one game, Diane's toughness leveled up from second-to-highest to highest twice, while on the other hand, I can't remember Cocheta's toughness leveling up to the max. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention and this is wrong. But in case it's not, might this have something to do with the achievement/medal not being unlocked?