Road of the Dead 2: Live streaming all day!

2013-08-03 08:53:11 by Evil-Dog

Road 2 is almost done! Live streaming all day, finishing up the "feature complete" beta version for one last debugging/balancing phase! Join me for a sneak peak, Q&A, updates and cool music! Woo!

EDIT: The stream is done but I stream pretty much everyday so check on the stream when you want, see if I'm there :D


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2013-08-03 09:33:55

Looks great!

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks bruh


2013-08-03 10:36:30

Hey man been waiting for this a long time, can't wait!

Question: is this game just a hobby from your real job or are you planning on making a profit from this? Just curious, cause it seems you and SDF have put in months if not years of work and I am wondering if you were doing this with the expectation of money. I don't see how you could, other than selling it on tablets/smart phones, though I have no knowledge of the industry.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah it's our job and yes there are revenues, sponsorships, ad revenues, it can be pretty substancial.


2013-08-03 20:35:36

how about that segway of the dead?

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-08-04 19:04:42

ijust moved to canada with a shitty laptop so i can't see your streams :(

Evil-Dog responds:

where in canada? and from where? Welcome to canada!


2013-08-05 23:46:57

Pink Flamingo! >:D