Road of the Dead 2 Live Stream: Pathfinding

2013-07-24 11:16:44 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! Currently streaming my work on Road of the Dead 2! Join me for Q&A and good music!


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2013-07-24 18:17:08

evildog can you try to release this game in the 1st half of august?

Evil-Dog responds:

what do you think I'm doing? purposefully not release the game? I'm working my ass off, I'm releasing it when it's done.


2013-07-25 03:05:15

Well, do you think you can release it when it's done?

Or at least 90% done and packaged with non-game breaking but hilarious bugs? (Like GTA)

Evil-Dog responds:

yes I can release it when it's done. But no I won't release it with bugs I can fix