Road of the Dead 2 Live Stream: Campaign Editor

2013-07-17 13:37:23 by Evil-Dog

Hey people! Join me on our livestream while I work on Road of the Dead 2's campaign editor for Q&A and good music.


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2013-07-17 15:49:53


Evil-Dog responds:



2013-07-17 16:17:36

It was fun hanging out, and checking out the work.

Keep it going.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah man! :D We have SOME fun there hehe


2013-07-18 16:18:29

Cann't wait till rotd 2 comes to newgrounds


2013-07-18 21:26:45

this game will be out in november/october or if lucky august if flash doesn't feel like screwing you over

Evil-Dog responds:

ok thanks for your completely unfounded assessement.


2013-07-19 13:06:06

im just using simple logic
your near the middle with the campaign editor and possibly closing up

Evil-Dog responds:

your logic is kinda dumb, if lucky august, but otherwise you skip an entire month and it goes to october? lol