Road of the Dead 2 Live Stream! Check it out!

2013-07-13 15:37:57 by Evil-Dog

Hey people! Our live stream is currently up! Working on road of the Dead 2!
Join us for Q&A and updates!

EDIT: The stream is over but you can watch the video here!


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2013-07-13 16:26:03

My toenails are still growning

Evil-Dog responds:

Have you taken an oath to not cut your nails until the game comes out?


2013-07-14 02:10:45

I feel like this game is pretty close to being done due to the long periods of development. Is it close?

Evil-Dog responds:

Somewhat close yeah!


2013-07-15 19:47:57

I think i'm late but better try, i want ot help with the game testing i kind of know something about how to test a game i helped a little at nmrih i just report some bugs but i i think its kind of too late

Evil-Dog responds:

never too late, I'll add you
just keep in mind you can't test the game right, you will get an invite now but only test when you'll get the SECOND invite in the coming days/weeks
You can try the game now, just don't report bugs or ask me if this or that is working or not. Only from the second invite.