Road of the Dead 2 Live Stream: Campaign Editor!

2013-07-06 12:05:43 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys and gals! (are there any?)
Our live stream is up and running, working on Road of the Dead 2's campaign editor! A big piece of our upcoming game!
So join the stream of updates, questions, answers and good music!

EDIT: The stream is over. The video is not yet available, waiting on livestream's site to wake up.


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2013-07-06 16:44:21

This Comment Has Been Eaten :(

Evil-Dog responds:

I do eat comments with a side of french fries.


2013-07-06 17:15:44

that's cool , hey are you guys planing to put this game on android and IOS players ?

Evil-Dog responds:

We actually wanna try a port on the OUYA, but mobile is also planned, if we can do it. it's a big game.


2013-07-06 23:36:28

Good luck with the game. Hope it is as fun as Segway of the Dead.
(Really do wish you well and will check it out when its done but I couldn't resist saying that.)

Evil-Dog responds:

haha thanks