Only 1$ to be credited in our fighting game Beast's Fury and betatest it!

2013-06-15 01:36:08 by Evil-Dog

EDIT: We just reached our goal! Thanks everyone!!!

Hey guys! Only 3-4 days left to help us with our fighting game Beast's Fury that we're currently crowd funding. We're sooooooooo close to our 20k goal, give us that little nudge we need! :)
Think about it, only 1$ and you end up mentionned in the credits and having access to the PC beta demo, that's a pretty cool deal to support a great team of people working on this cool fighting game! Of course you can donate more but you know, even a few dollars gives you a cool reward and help us a lot! Better have many tiny donations than only a few big ones.
You can also get the soundtrack and posters and all kind of stuff based on your donation.

So help us, support us! :D You'll see all the cool things about the game there!
More news to come about Road of the Dead 2 and other stuff :D
Cheers people!


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2013-06-15 02:00:16

Seems like an awesome video game idea! I'll definitely look into this fundraiser.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah if you like fighting game it's definitely something you wanna get behind, we have really good people working on it, especially the animator we have right now, amazing and the game designer is a fighting game pro who knows A LOT about fighting games and how to balance them and everything.


2013-06-15 03:39:58

Might as well give at least one dollar to the game, with all their effort...

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man :D


2013-06-15 03:50:42

[So much for the anti-spam code...]
Really glad and proud you got above the minimum, and have enough to continue production!
How's the team holding up?

Evil-Dog responds:

The team's doing fine! :D If you follow the campaign or future campaigns you can watch Juco or me working on the stream sometimes


2013-06-15 04:49:44

Yeah, looks interesting, too bad I don't have access to my bank account yet, (too young ...).

I'm not really into that kind of fighting games, but I'll try to give it a shot once it comes out ! :D
(just hope there will be a playable demo , keep donating people ! :3)

Evil-Dog responds:

It's alright :D give it a shot later ;)


2013-06-15 08:03:05

Hmmm Good idea anyways
Keep it up guys!
You make awesome games.
We also wait for Road of the Dead 2
I hope you will give your best!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah road 2 should be cool :D coming pretty soon


2013-06-15 08:12:46

Paid $5, good luck Marco!

Evil-Dog responds:

Hey cool thanks man :D


2013-06-15 08:21:19

already paid , the beta was awesome can't wait for the full game :D

Evil-Dog responds:

i think you're confused ;)


2013-06-15 08:22:53

Just pitched in a little too, I hope you guys do well!
Best of wishes to you all!

~Phyrnna ^_^ <3

Evil-Dog responds:

Aw thanks dude :D much apreciated! :D


2013-06-15 12:24:58

Lol no i'm confused , it's just feels good when you have a part in something great :D even if it was a very small part :P

Evil-Dog responds:

:D that's cool bro


2013-06-15 13:35:39

im going to donate!

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome dude! thanks a lot! :D


2013-06-15 15:13:15

I'm going to try to find a way to donate. Even if it is only a dollar, but I hope I can donate more. Good luck guys, I saw some of the videos on it and it looks awesome.

Evil-Dog responds:

Should be cool bro! thanks for helping out if you can!


2013-06-15 19:50:44


Evil-Dog responds:



2013-06-15 23:56:00

But it already reached it's goal :\

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah it just did :)


2013-06-16 17:39:36

All my online accounts are in negative balance, I wish I could support this game : (.

Good luck!


2013-06-16 18:30:18

I don't necessarily care for the furry community this caters to, but I love fighting games, and underground. What is a man to do. heres my 25$ dollars! cant wait to try it

Evil-Dog responds:

very nice! and I don't think we cater to the furry community much, it's for all fighting game fans, like bloody roar and other games with anthro characters.


2013-06-17 16:21:55

Hello, I enjoy your games very much (espiccially the Sega of the dead series), and would like to contribute.

Just wondering, where would we play it; would it be on Steam?

Evil-Dog responds:

possibly on steam, we'll see, right now we're working on the 3 character demo