Beast's Fury: A new and awesome fighting game!

2013-05-07 12:06:59 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! Don't worry, Road of the Dead 2 is well on track! And we're doing betatesting and bug fixing and all that. So it's coming soon!

But what I wanna talk to you about is a very nice project I'm a part of called Beast's Fury, ever played street fighter? mortal kombat? bloody roar? skullgirls? Put them all together and you get Beast's Fury! It's an awesome indie fighting game project with anthropomorphic characters. We're trying to get a good crowd funding going on so we can pay the animators and musicians and get that awesome project rolling, possibly to attract investors. You know how it goes.

If that tickles your fighting game love, watch our presentation video!

if you're still reading, check out the Beast's Fury Indiegogo page to see how even donating 1$ helps us and also gives you a little reward and your name in our credits! And of course if you wanna help more and get more in return, you can donate a little (or a lot) more. We greatly appreciate your time and support and even if you don't donate, please share this awesome project to your friends. Help us spread the word on your facebook and everything!
Cheers people!

Now I go back to finishing Road of the Dead 2 :D

Beast's Fury: A new and awesome fighting game!


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2013-05-07 12:21:42

This looks amazing! Good luck to you!
- Steve AKA EntropicOrder

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man :D


2013-05-07 13:26:46

Looks awesome.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks :D


2013-05-07 14:34:02

What Deathink said.

Evil-Dog responds:

What I replied to Deahink :)


2013-05-07 17:28:02

Furfag! lol

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Fuck off Etienne


2013-05-07 17:34:27

need voice actors? looks amazing!

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Possibly, contact swiftoxxic on skype, he's the project leader


2013-05-07 17:54:33


Evil-Dog responds:

oh yeah


2013-05-07 19:55:18

it will be great if you could ask tom fulp to help you with that, and then the newgrounds logo will be put on the game box, and the website will win more prestige and...

ok, i think im saying too much fantasy, but it'd be great the newgrounds logo were on the game box, that's all.

looking forward to road of the dead 2 , and this game looks great. Press onward!!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks! :D


2013-05-07 21:32:42

Just donated! I like how it looks so far, really excited to see how it'll develop!

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome dude! thanks! Share it on your facebook and everywhere if you wanna help a little more!
Thanks again :D


2013-05-07 23:00:23

looks great! :D

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks! Contribute if you can or spread it if you wanna help make it more popular :D


2013-05-07 23:02:14

Do you mind if I spread this?

Evil-Dog responds:

No I highly encourage you and everyone else to share this as much as possible :D Thanks!


2013-05-07 23:05:17

:D <3


2013-05-08 01:59:31

can we do fights

Evil-Dog responds:

As soon as we have a decent demo yeah :D


2013-05-08 05:35:14



2013-05-08 07:36:53

Interesting Project man. I hope you can a two payer mode in the future! I will try to support it the best way I can. Good luck!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah of course, player 2 mode, against the cpu, online multiplayer, etc
And yeah if you can't contribute, just sharing it to everyone you know and making the project known is a great help :D


2013-05-08 09:24:41

haha I saw this a while ago, and I figured it was just some guy who's a really good artist tryina make a game by himself. So this is a better video.

fuckin GOOD LUCK whoever's animating this, cos holy moley!

Also WHO Fighter?? Skull-what? Bloody Roar is the only game you can transform into a tiger in, so that's the only fighting game I give a damn about!!

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

haha yeah was a good game! our fighting mechanism are closer to SF


2013-05-08 11:59:53

Donated and Tweeted

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Hey thanks man! Mmuch appreciated! :D how's busines?


2013-05-08 13:45:54

so its basicaly. mugen?

Evil-Dog responds:

similar to mugen I guess? like it's basically mugen as street fighter is basically mortal kombat I suppose?


2013-05-08 14:55:35

the engine is looking solid!, when the characters walk into each other I cringe haha, pet peeve, I know its early.

Also Im doing a test for the Sloaine fighter next week!! wish me luck!

Evil-Dog responds:

Oh cool dude! Good luck man! :D


2013-05-08 16:27:38

What happend to Punk-o-matic 3?

Evil-Dog responds:

It's in the pipeline don't worry :D


2013-05-09 03:25:36

I wish I was rich so I could make you guys design a ferret looking character!

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha time to rob a bank!


2013-05-09 07:44:23

Did you work Ubisoft ?

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah for 5 years


2013-05-10 16:11:33

i wish i could pay you
as if i could i would throw millions of dollars in your face every day

Evil-Dog responds:

well start by throwing 20$ in my face everyday and work your way up to millions


2013-05-10 17:34:56

i wish i had 20$
but im poor and jobless and am thinking about making bizzare youtube videos

Evil-Dog responds:

hehe do it, might work, then start throwing 20$ in my face everyday


2013-05-10 19:51:59

lol looks cool but if it cost alot .......... idk possible though (got dat from below comment XD)

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah big games like that cost a lot of money to make


2013-05-10 19:53:23

also im looking forward to ROTD2 i like killing zombies i hope you keep that as high '(or higher) as the original road of the dead

Evil-Dog responds:

we're doing our best :D


2013-05-10 19:54:39

1$ eh wish but i have nothing right now las5 comment today maybe i should AVE BUNDLED THEM.. /: HMMM

Evil-Dog responds:

if you can't contribute with money, help us share the project so more people know about it, that,s help enough :)


2013-05-11 18:20:09

if my laptop gets working i will do simple beta tests like movement hitboxes etc

Evil-Dog responds:

well you can test the demo when it's out


2013-05-12 04:52:33

now that i think of it i am looking forward to your next dead game though i havent beaten the others XD.
i will now finish them and rate.

Evil-Dog responds:

kewl thanks!


2013-05-19 01:16:50

I know!, maybe for some background music, you can ask cheshyre... you know. the Madness series music maker. I bet he'll love to collaborate!

Evil-Dog responds:

We already work with Zack from Symphony of Specters who's doing a fantastic job so far


2013-06-19 11:57:17

If I had any money up to about 10,000 I would donate 5,000 to you guys to make a playable character but sadly I am 15 and have no job sorry guys :(


2013-06-19 12:05:58

And I wish I was in Canada because Im looking to become a actor and voice actor would help build up my dream of succeeding.