Project Updates! Yay!

2013-03-22 22:42:50 by Evil-Dog

Hey newgrounds!

We're getting really close to the Road of the Dead 2 beta! While you wait, you should check our update videos!

Showing more in Road of the Dead 2: the chopper support, new alpha mutant, more gameplay footage, bug fixing, etc
Road of the Dead 2 | Update #8

New points and sparks system in Ninja Yubi for highscores and armor and ability upgrades
Ninja Yubi | Development #5

Progress on our morphing puzzle on how objects interact, such as explosions blowing away objects or using the spiked ball to pull down a wall, etc.
Morph Puzzle Game | Development #4

If you like our stuff, do subscribe to our youtube, we have regular video updates and cool stuff :D

Project Updates! Yay!


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2013-03-22 23:04:16

That's some fine looking foliage! I'm sure ROTD2 will be spectacular. Just glad the first one had the general Flash option of lowering the resolution, as well as in game presets to make sure it can run on an old laptop like mine! Best of luck, dog!

Evil-Dog responds:

We have MASSIVELY optimized the game, might run just fine on your computer. Sign up as a betatester and you can tell us how well it runs on your laptop.


2013-03-23 01:23:19

cant wait i always enjoy yoor5 projects ill be waiting for it thanks.

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome :)


2013-03-23 01:47:28

Cant wait to play it. I have the same problem as VicariousE. I rely in your word.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah should work better I think


2013-03-23 06:25:14

Might I ask how long is the story mode going to be?

Evil-Dog responds:

Hmm good question, depends how you play, should be similar to Road 1, maybe less in the difficulty, more in the content.


2013-03-23 09:51:09

I just wanna look forward to seeing this game in Beta, then in full release! =D

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah it's coming pretty soon :D


2013-03-23 12:30:11

I can't wait! ROTD was so awesome =D

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks we hope this one will please people even more.


2013-03-23 15:02:38

I would like to say something to all survivors in vehicules. It's about the diet of zombies: I know that zombies will be very hungry and I know what would be good for them to eat: the metallic strike of a car, the crush of rubber tires and some bullets for dessert. I don't give a crap if they don't like that, because they will be dead for a second time and this is probably the best thing for them. Oh! Yeah! I forgot something: superzombies only love bullets, so load up to the max some guns for these ones. You can sometimes make a zombie skip his meals, but it's not very healthy for them. If some zombies don't want to eat, just honk them and they'll eat easily. By the way, I can't wait for the betatest. :D

Evil-Dog responds:

Lol, you have lots of time on your hands haha


2013-03-23 21:45:59

do you dare add premuim content
epic battle fantasy four sucks the fun out of epic battle fantasy
it removes the epic from the title

Evil-Dog responds:

What do you mean? They added stuff you have to pay for?


2013-03-24 02:36:03

we need more grass XD

Evil-Dog responds:

well there's 3 grass type in each, you just don't see it :D


2013-03-24 03:43:17

is still possible to join beta testing? if so, how?

Evil-Dog responds:

I added you to the list


2013-03-24 05:33:48

trees. pretty. that shading. nice shading. i hate you for that shading...

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha thanks


2013-03-24 19:10:36

Hey! Evil-Dawg. I was wondering about something about your 2 characters, John and Allen: Are they brothers? Because they both have "Creasman" and when we play the Lab Of The Dead and that we nearly finished it, Allen says that he is worrying about his "brother" that could be still in Evans city, which was all nuked since a while, and John was in the city before everything exploded. I think that they are brothers, but I'm not totally sure.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah they're brother :)


2013-03-24 23:30:38

Can't wait to beta test, RODT2 will be awesome. Hopefully.

Evil-Dog responds:

Aaaawww yeah maybe next week if all goes well this week!


2013-03-25 19:13:36

It's me again. Yeah, I like to talk with you, Evil-Dog. A useful question for you: Can you tell us in percentage the progress of the beta version and the percentage of the complete version? By the way, thanks for answering my previous question. Now that I know that John and Allen are brothers, let me tell you that they have to find themselves again, not only because it would be cute and happy, but because they would form a great team who can have a chance to end up the zombie nightmare. However, they would have difficulties to success.

Evil-Dog responds:

They do meet again, but not in the best circumstences, sorry to say.
Percentages are pretty hard to guess, the beta is 95% ready, the full game, 80% or something


2013-03-26 03:18:47

can i still join beta pls?

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure, I added you to the list


2013-03-27 13:29:16

beta sounds cool, I can review my bestest.

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-03-28 14:59:18

Another question about the game, since I didn't follow quite a lot on your Youtube "progress" videos (sorry about that :C ) anyway, are there going to be more car upgrades than in RotD1?

Evil-Dog responds:

Actually there's less car upgrades hehe it's another kind of beast


2013-03-31 12:43:37

Really cool but make it easier than the first game. To many cars littered the streets. Also make a mobile version so i can play on my tablet! (please make it free like range of the dead.) And can I join beta? Another idea make it so you can buy new cars (i always wanted to drive a bus lol) Anyway it looks really cool so far!

Evil-Dog responds:

I added you on the beta
and I don't know if it's gonna be easier but the difficulty lies somewhere else than avoiding cars.


2013-03-31 14:06:13

sorry me again. ok ill take it but what about my idea of buying cars? that would be interesting. or being able to shoot through your side window instead of your windshield. Another thing Voice acting. BADASS lol really life like. although every time you respawn (i guess you call it that) the military makes their same "discoveries" over the radio, after a while its annoying.

Evil-Dog responds:

you're not buying cars and no real need to shoot through the side window the way the game is made.
There's more checkpoints in this one so it should make dialogs less repetitive when you fail.
for anything else, just wait for the beta hehe


2013-04-01 12:03:41

No medals for Segway of the Dead?

Evil-Dog responds:

Not yet


2013-04-01 12:58:30

May I join the beta testing? I loved the first one and this one looks no less than amazing.
Doubt it'll surpass Segway of the Dead but hey, you can always hope.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I added you to the list


2013-04-01 15:26:59

hey after today do you mind making segway of the dead beatable
i hate seeing your art go to waste

Evil-Dog responds:

bwahaha it's just a joke, we have better stuff to do :D


2013-04-01 16:04:26

i know its a joke bro just why not make it beatable so completionists don't lose sleep over a flash game

Evil-Dog responds:

For the reason I said, we have better things to do lol a joke is a joke is a joke


2013-04-01 17:57:57

Hey! Evil-Doggy! Is the beta game of Road Of The Dead 2 done already? I still want to see it. By the way, you released a game named Segway Of The Dead. I think It should have been Bike Of The Dead. It would have been funnier and epic than a segway.

Evil-Dog responds:

I think a segway is funnier than a bike and the beta is coming out this week, you'll get the invite when it's out


2013-04-02 00:29:54

Ironic, isn't it?


2013-04-02 00:30:35

I'm glad I am not the only person using CS6 aswell.


2013-04-02 00:36:35

Sorry for the 3rd comment but...
What the fuck?
So many .as files jesus...

Evil-Dog responds:

that's happens when you have big projects, lots of classes


2013-04-02 14:12:36

It would be awesome to add John in the game !
I don't think that's a bad ideea.

Evil-Dog responds:

John is only a cameo in the game, their path don't cross until later in the story, in other games.


2013-04-04 05:34:01

Anyways we are waiting for it...
It will be awesome!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yup, finalizing the alpha version today, might submit tonight to testers
beta will be later with all the featuers, including the campaign editor, all the cinematics and dialogs and everything


2013-04-06 00:16:13

<3 IT :D


2013-04-06 12:01:27

Did I accidentally deny your request? I think I might have, I'm not sure...


2013-04-06 15:44:05

Ooookay, I got the request for the beta participation, accepted it (I think), and nothing happened... Did I miss something or do I have to just wait for the beta?


2013-04-06 16:03:18

your both on the list as testers, click your projects system button at the top, and click the game to try it out


2013-04-07 03:55:45

Your survey entry: 64

Evil-Dog responds:

Nice thanks :D


2013-04-07 13:35:30

Evil-Dog, I received the beta of ROTD2 and I want to ask you if I can pm you on Newgrounds to tell you what I think about the game and if there is bugs on it?

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure, or go to


2013-04-13 15:54:57

Proud to serve :3

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah you're awesome


2013-04-14 06:40:42

You do not know, how happy that reply made me.


2013-04-14 06:43:51

Wow what, how did i make so many comments, freaking internet :/.

Evil-Dog responds:

Happy enough to post the same comments 12 times hehe


2013-04-15 11:45:32

Evil-Dog i really wanted to ask you...
Is there a game nammed streets of the dead comming out?

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-04-15 17:38:28

Thats how much i like you ;D

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:



2013-05-05 15:56:21

Awesome just awesome