Week 2 of the interns' projects!

2013-03-08 12:24:09 by Evil-Dog

Hey people!

As some of you may know, I have 2 interns working here with me and they're each working on a mobile game. Every week I do a video of their progress and so you can check the "week 2" videos!

Ninja Yubi
http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLyvzrfhqyq9st J6ijj3orY-Qf6ppXcS8o&v=ydgvDfmup34

Untitled Morphing Puzzle Game
http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLyvzrfhqyq9st J6ijj3orY-Qf6ppXcS8o&v=GnLkHH4q2CU

Let me know what you think about these projects!
You should also subscribe to our youtube channel for video updates on all our projects!

Can't wait to post the week 3 videos, which are really nice!

Week 2 of the interns' projects!


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2013-03-08 21:35:25

the ninja image is just MEH could be better could be worse
and the most i can say is it looks slightly rough but then again im used to PS3 models

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Looks great in game
For mobile I mean


2013-03-09 01:37:11

Cool.. its all cool. even the slashes and stuff. but what is the main thing.like the story or just a little movie clip of why he's chopping down other ninjas like crazy. dont get me wrong i love slashing as much as the next guy.

Evil-Dog responds:

The story is basically, REVENGE haha so you're fighting all the ninja clans, week 3 will show some of the gameplay that has been developped so far. :D


2013-03-09 04:27:34

you guys need a beer sponsership
and a domineos one too

Evil-Dog responds:

lol whut?


2013-03-09 21:59:05

Ahhh ah ha cool


2013-03-12 07:48:59

That's pretty great, I didn't know you were taking on other people. Otherwise I might have offered to pit in, always admired your stuff. Keep it all up :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Well you're not living in montreal are ya?


2013-03-12 09:35:48

Not even living at all, but once again I rise from my grave. ;)

Evil-Dog responds:

hehe, they work with me here so an intern from england would not be practical :)


2013-03-17 20:13:32

Rrrgh! See, every time you do something successful I have to rub my parents' face in it. "Look!" I'll say, "Evil-Dog is a self-employed, independent game programmer, and now he has INTERNS." Then maybe they'll stop pushing me to become a plumber >:I

Evil-Dog responds:

and with your insane level of talent it's kinda ridiculous that they wouldn't support you!