Road of the Dead 2 Updates!

2013-03-04 09:31:36 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! Still working hard on Road of the Dead 2, it's gonna be awesome. One of the awesome new development is that we're doing a campaign editor where you'll be building your own obstacle courses and campaign and sharing it with other people! :D

Check these things out! And please share and like and everything, spread the word about Road 2!
Dev Video 1
Dev Video 2
Dev Video 3
Platoon Spoof

And hey you can also check what the 2 interns are doing here at Evil-Dog Productions :D
Ninja Yubi Week 1
Puzzle Game Week 1

So the beta for road 2 is coming soon! Again, if you wanna betatest, let me know! And those who already told me are already on the betatesters list.

Road of the Dead 2 Updates!


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2013-03-04 09:54:27


Evil-Dog responds:

yes sir


2013-03-04 10:08:11

I hope it will be awesome!
I see you are working verry hard on this

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah we're doing our best :D


2013-03-04 10:53:37

I can't wait...

Evil-Dog responds:

I can't either, can't wait to be done with this massive project. Started as a tiny addon for road 1


2013-03-04 11:35:21

Dude, I'm a huge fan of the series! Can't wait for that! Hurry up!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah we're working as fast as we can :D


2013-03-04 12:15:25

I'm looking forward to it!

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-03-04 13:56:29


Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah should be nice dude


2013-03-04 14:54:20

I think I could help on betatesting ;D

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool you're on the list


2013-03-04 17:55:44

Can I beta test? By the way the game looks very good.

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure you're on the list


2013-03-04 18:18:36

easy way to work faster
program a justin beiber zombie and add ways for it to die
or just realse german shepards onto your team

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

haha good idea


2013-03-04 20:12:32

Should the ones who wants to be a betatester pm you?

Cuz' I really want to join!

Evil-Dog responds:

I put you on the list :)


2013-03-04 21:59:23

I'll betatest :p You know me.

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome dude :D


2013-03-05 00:35:46

Sick dead art!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yaaaah :D


2013-03-05 00:51:34

I love you and the things you do!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks dude :D


2013-03-05 03:47:50

It would be nice if I could betatest it too. Also I think that the game is going to be awesome!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

Added you to the list


2013-03-05 05:46:41

Hey EvilDog if you want a Betatest im ur guy to help out! im always there for the ones who needed betatest

Evil-Dog responds:

You're already in the list :)


2013-03-05 06:25:02

If you want to let me know I'm on the list, just to verify, send an email to: Thanks!!!!! =D
i hope ur game is going to be on the front page when it comes out!!!! Also, GOOD LUCK!

Evil-Dog responds:

You're on the list


2013-03-05 09:33:22

I know I'm late....but can I?

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-03-05 11:04:22

Would love to beta test. I would try pretty much everything to find any serious glitch at all.

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome, you're on the list


2013-03-05 12:34:26

I'd be down to join the Beta.

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

of course haha :D
You're on the list


2013-03-05 13:21:19

I can beta test your game.. pm me if you accepted.. i'll tell you everything wrong (if there is) on it.

Evil-Dog responds:

Ok I added you on the list, you'll get the invite when the beta is out


2013-03-05 14:38:48

Hello kind sir, could I get on your beautiful list of special people for some early action and bug reporting?


Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah awesome :)


2013-03-05 14:49:48

im a beta tester yay

Evil-Dog responds:

yup yup


2013-03-05 15:37:33

Betatesting you say? Sign me up.

Evil-Dog responds:

You have been signed the fuck up


2013-03-05 19:25:17

Sounds like a lot of fun, can I give testing a try too? *G*

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure dude :)


2013-03-05 21:11:24

I would love to betatest this. I loved the first game, and I'm really happy to hear a sequel is in progress.

Evil-Dog responds:

Considering the fact that you posted your message 22 times...I don't think I want you as a betatester.


2013-03-06 09:01:27

I'd have one helluva lot of fun beta-ing this, but I'm in another beta plus school eats all my time, so I'll check out the full game when it's out. Looking forward to it man, do your magic, keep the beats going and the games rolling and ou've got a happy camper here.

Now, where is the like button....

Evil-Dog responds:

on youtube :D


2013-03-06 13:09:26

i played and beated the first one, would like to beta test this one :D

Evil-Dog responds:

you're on the list :)


2013-03-07 03:34:27

Loved the first one and can't wait for the second! I'd love to help out with the betatest :)

Evil-Dog responds:

Ok dude you're in the list :D


2013-03-10 19:52:26

Look at this screenshot! This is badassome (badass and awesome)! SickDeathFiend mastered his art. His Zombies are more ugly and terrifying than in the 1st Road of the Dead. Seems that there will be new kinds of zombies, which they look like very wicked. I look the zombie at the right of the screenshot and I find him freaking gross, but terrific, a true monster. The left one looks like a regular zombie, but this time, he seems more dangerous and very hungry for human flesh than the first Road of the Dead. I like his big teeth. Still, all zombies have to be took down. *Tchk, tchk, BANG!* :p

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

Ahaha yeah dude, they gotta die!


2013-03-14 12:44:22

can i please be on the beta test cause i would die waiting for it

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure, added you on the list.


2013-03-15 20:44:43

A campaing editor? Man, that's too awesome for words. Loved the first one and will definetively play the crap out of this one when it's out. Kudos to you, Evil-Dog and the rest of the crew!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man! and yeah campaign editor should be awesome :D We'll try to give enough freedom to players to create their own unique campaign.


2013-05-07 16:08:19

Man you have done great work with your first game!! ive beated it up 2 times allready and now i am playing highway to hell mode... i cant wait to play the beta anytime soon. keep up the good work!


2013-06-14 02:14:35

i am looking foward to playing this game can you ad me to the beta testing and how do you play the beta