Vote for our OfficialPunkomatic twitter for a shorty award!

2013-01-16 21:19:08 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We have a great twitter feed for Punkomatic and it's nominated for a shorty award for best social thingie!
Help us out and go vote for it ! It's much appreciated!

Progress on Road of the Dead 2 is slow but steady, it's such a massive game and flash is crumbling under its weight, heavily hindering the development process as each export takes over 10 minutes.

Other projects are also progressing at the same time so 2013 will be a good year :D
Laterz and go vote for our feed :D


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2013-01-16 23:53:43

What program(s) do you actually use to compose all the exports into one file? Or is it really just an export from Flash that's just one giant-ass .swf file?

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah it's all in flash cs6


2013-01-17 07:22:49

God danget I don't have a twitter :(

Evil-Dog responds:

Awwww ok :)


2013-01-17 13:34:35

I can't wait to get my hands on Road of the Dead 2.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yah will be cool!


2013-01-17 15:17:20

I will, but be sure to release Road of the Dead 2!! =D

Evil-Dog responds:

Of course! working on it :D


2013-01-17 16:12:13

i hope you win :3 but your so great at making games it shouldn't be THAT hard

Evil-Dog responds:

we don't have much chance at winning :D


2013-01-19 23:21:30

just remeber BACK EVERYTHING UP i don't care if you have to use four computers to do it the more backups the better cause if flash goes your gonna have to cancel or start over


2013-01-22 15:02:03

When do you plan to release Road of the Dead 2?
2 months<x<4 months?

Evil-Dog responds:

Working hard on it, it's a massive beast :D
Definitly less than 4 months, surely less than 3 months...probably less than 2 months....a month seems right, we're working on all the extra game modes, road of the dead 1 had 2 different games modes, road 2 has 6 :D


2013-01-23 16:09:05

Take as much time as needed. I prepared to wait for a game like this. How about some wallpapers from the concepts?

Evil-Dog responds:

wallpapers would be nice


2013-01-28 16:02:06

i haven't played ROTD 1 yet but, i will probably be playing this one when it comes out.
I was also wondering if you wanted to borrow a chord progression? because i cant come up with anything for it. :(


2013-03-11 02:22:12

very nice