Evil-Dog Merch!

2012-12-29 19:05:58 by Evil-Dog

Yeah! We're selling some stuff over on Zazzle! And there's a 20% promotion with the code: 2013DISCOUNT
Check our international merch store!

Merch is a great way to encourage your indie developers who make free games you can play and enjoy!

You can also buy our amazing Saga of the Dead poster right here on newgrounds!

Evil-Dog Merch!


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2012-12-29 21:05:08

No Argentina? :sadface:

Evil-Dog responds:

I think you can simply pick the closest store ;)


2012-12-30 06:27:15

Pretty cool, if I could get permission to buy the poster.

Evil-Dog responds:

get it ;)


2012-12-31 04:10:27

Hi, EvilDog pls i want to know when is going to be ready "the road of the dead 2" by the way cool poster :D

Evil-Dog responds:

Soon in january I think it will come out, I hope! :)


2012-12-31 13:22:27

Well, that stuff looks pretty cool. but, I'm broke so. i'll just stare at it :P

Evil-Dog responds:

Stare at it until you have money haha


2012-12-31 16:55:49

i would buy it all if i had money

Evil-Dog responds:

Work the street


2013-01-11 06:32:34

Amazing just awesome.
I hope Road of the Dead 2 will be the best!