More Road of the Dead 2 Updates!

2012-12-09 01:45:40 by Evil-Dog

Sup NG?

We're still working hard on Road of the Dead 2, we shared some neat development pictures and in-game screenshots on our website.
The screenshots show various things you may not know about the Road 2 but keep in mind this is still early in term of level design and everything.
The game really is shaping up though. I'm starting to work on the new mutated zombies who will be more brutal and intense than ever, if you didn't like them in Road 1, you'll be terrified of them in Road 2.

Cheers, more updates coming!

ps: A pre-christmas release is not very likely, but you know how it is, better not rush a game. I prefer doing it the Blizzard way, delay as long as it's not perfect.
pps: We'll have a beta soon for those who wanna test, more on that later. But let me know if you're interested.


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2012-12-09 02:16:48

"Hell yeah!!". Mutated zombies?? 'Q'

Evil-Dog responds:

Ooohhh yeeeaaahhh


2012-12-09 06:17:13

WHOA! Road of the Dead 2?! That's radical, can't believe there aren't more people following this. The first game was so fresh, and it had that right "edge" to keep it there. Very excited for the sequel!
Thanks for being active on Newgrounds!

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome, I hope we can top the first one


2012-12-09 09:00:36

I spent hours on the original and lab of the dead.

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha nice! more of the dead games are coming


2012-12-09 11:15:34

Before, you crush zombies
Now, you shoot and crush zombies
I want to play this game è.é

Evil-Dog responds:

you will!


2012-12-09 11:50:36

why not add civillans that when you stop they try to climb in the car

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah we have that


2012-12-09 12:09:30

holy shit,i dibs first try :D


2012-12-09 13:56:16

A pre-xmas release of Evil-Dog F's Christmas would be a nice treat. I'm keeping an eye on the audio portal.

Evil-Dog responds:

That is likely! :) Oh Holy Night


2012-12-09 14:28:26

Beta? >:D

Evil-Dog responds:



2012-12-09 22:02:39

I am definitely interested in the beta.

Evil-Dog responds:

Ok cool dude


2012-12-10 00:25:01

YESSS!! I'm interested!

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool dude I'll add you in the private beta when we upload it


2012-12-10 00:57:53

All i hope for is that the beta is not that buggy.
Your games are as bad-ass as ever! Please keep up the good work and DON'T rush the game. As I told sickdeathfiend, Good Luck!!! =)

Evil-Dog responds:

The first beta will probably be pretty rough, we want feedback on the new mechanics and stuff and of course about the bugs. But we'll debug what we can first.


2012-12-10 01:37:02

I'm up for doing a beta test, it'll nicely coincide with a couple other betas I'm testing right now!

Evil-Dog responds:

Sweet, added you to the list


2012-12-10 03:48:08

I'm in for a beta test, also an idea for a zombie: fat mutated zombie could blind if you hit it close enough.

Evil-Dog responds:

I'll add you when we upload the private beta


2012-12-10 08:49:28

man im in for the beat test!

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool I'll add you


2012-12-10 11:42:07

i will die if i cant enter the beta like in the other game so can i please enter the beta test game

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

You sure can enter dude
Added you to the list


2012-12-10 14:07:24

There's an spanish saying: "Despacio y buena letra" (slow and good writing) , wich means that if you don't rush things you can do great things. Take your time, and do the game as good as you can !

Evil-Dog responds:

Will do man! thanks!


2012-12-10 14:12:33

I am a big fan from the first game. I would love it if I can beta test it.

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure, you'll be added as a beta


2012-12-10 16:16:01

take your time man! this game will be awesome!

Evil-Dog responds:

yup doing our best!


2012-12-10 16:34:08

btw i want to see the beta test ^_^

Evil-Dog responds:

Ok I added you to the list


2012-12-11 19:10:31

I'd like to test the game if it's possible. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

It's possible :) I added you to the list


2012-12-12 22:36:06

men, first of all i love ur games if have an ipod i download first RANGE OF THE DEAD, take ur time, and u told u never do a fps and there is ROTD, if u take ur time i'd be perfect, I'd like to test the game if u can
please take ur time no rush

Evil-Dog responds:

Sure, I'll add you to the betatest list


2013-05-24 19:58:10

agregame a tu beta-test adoro road of the dead! quiero ver mas zombies muertos!