New Road of the Dead game coming soon!

2012-10-09 12:02:12 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! We just announced our Road of the Dead: Lost Guns game, coming soon right before halloween if we can make that deadline!
Check it out here!
Looks cool or not?

EDIT: We busted our deadline it will come after Halloween, not sure when, ASAP! :D


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2012-10-09 12:07:17

cool? looks ON FIRE!

Evil-Dog responds:

I know right? lol


2012-10-09 12:44:35

Shit yes, I can't wait to bust some heads!

Evil-Dog responds:

Aaawww yeah


2012-10-09 13:03:38

Madre de dios! I loved the first one.

Evil-Dog responds:

Cool, I think you,ll like this one too


2012-10-09 13:10:56

I just spooged a little.

Evil-Dog responds:

please clean up your mess!


2012-10-09 13:32:56

What? a partner riding shotgun...with a shot gun! Looks awesome!

Evil-Dog responds:

Shotgun, m16, mp5, m60, mac11, pistol and more


2012-10-09 14:40:24

The first Road of the Dead was brilliant. You've got your work cut out for yourself :)

Evil-Dog responds:

we're doing our best with this one :D


2012-10-09 14:41:49

I like it. I like it a lot.

Evil-Dog responds:



2012-10-09 16:25:17

Lookin' forward to it, man!

Evil-Dog responds:

Sweet! Could have had a role for you, sorry hehe next games ;)


2012-10-09 16:34:31

The first game had elements that made it extremely enjoyable, but it wasn't without its faults. Although I am very interested in a sequel, I advise threading carefully as it has to live up to its predecessor.

I do think it's a bad idea making it using flash again though. It severely limited the first game in terms of performance, and it's a fact the second one will be even more visually challenging. Just sayin'

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah but it's also a fact that doing it on another platform instead of building on the first one is a massive undertaking.


2012-10-09 16:37:58

Fuckin' A! By the way, how's Range of the Dead goin'?

Evil-Dog responds:

Range is doing well, still waiting for Unity 4 to come out so I can export it to flash!


2012-10-09 17:25:27

Road of the Dead deserved a sequel. I love how you draw the SPAS 12.

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah SickDeathFiend drew all the weapons like a BAWWWSSS


2012-10-09 17:43:10

OMG!! I already played the first Road of the Dead and this looks good!!

Evil-Dog responds:

Should be good ;)


2012-10-09 20:51:28

Splendid news! Graphics looks really fine-tuned. There's never too many zombie games. I hope I will able to beat this one. Are you also making a sequel to Lab of the Dead? I absolutely love that game. Keep up the good work!

Evil-Dog responds:

We made the story sequel to Lab of the Dead already, it's called Range of the Dead on iPhone and Androids where Allen leaves the lab and does rifle shooting in a valley heading to a nearby city, but we're not yet able to convert it to flash, but soon we will be able to. The real gameplay sequel to Lab of the Dead is a story prequel called Lab of the Dead 2: Genesis or simply Genesis of the Dead which is another lab game but very different. That game is planned and thought out but not scheduled for development yet.
We're working on Lost Guns and then on another mobile (hopefully flash as well) game called Streets of the Dead which is a top down game about the outbreak in Evans City, more like a simple RTS kinda game with civilians, police and military.


2012-10-09 21:03:28

It would be my honor to be the father of your children if the rules of nature allowed it.

Evil-Dog responds:

lmao agreed


2012-10-09 21:13:37

If the first was a master piece (i was just playing yesterday) This one shall be the most epic game EVER! Good Luck and i will wait for this AWESOMENESS!!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah I think it will be pretty good


2012-10-09 21:15:56


Evil-Dog responds:



2012-10-09 21:28:40

yay, another road of the dead! From the looks of it, it seems that we can shoot and drive in this one too. Hopefully we can upgrade the gun we get.

Evil-Dog responds:

You sure can :D it'll be more about the guns and the soldier skills than the car this time.


2012-10-09 21:54:04

Looks great! Hope it'll be as good as - if not better than - the first!

Evil-Dog responds:

We shall see :)


2012-10-10 02:35:08

OH SHIT!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!! Also I want there to be a range of the dead game for flash...
Still can't wait! XD

Evil-Dog responds:

Yah can't wait for Unity 4 to be released, it's still in beta


2012-10-10 11:08:45

This... looks... AWESOME :D
Will there be more guns (scar-h, S&W500, aa-12, sniper rifle)?

Evil-Dog responds:

Nope that's the lineup, 7 weapons,a common pistol and 3 weapons per soldier that you'll upgrade and get better with


2012-10-10 11:09:36

so you shoot and drive or just shoot
it looks interesting
cant wait to play it

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah you drive and shoot, wasd + mouse ;)


2012-10-10 12:27:55

you should of had him draw it with the stock down no one knows what the SPAS-12 looks like with the stock down lol

Evil-Dog responds:

should've shmould've


2012-10-10 14:35:26

Omg cant wait for it! hope you can buy cars and new guns and new zombies,military tanks?,faster turning upgrade?melee?explosive barrels? ........... well who knows!

Evil-Dog responds:

You can buy stuff, weapons and upgrades, you also get better with some other stuff ala skyrim
should be fun


2012-10-10 14:39:48

Will SPAS12 be automatic? In real life it's selective fire.

Evil-Dog responds:

semi auto yeah


2012-10-11 18:01:54

what please explain a little more

Evil-Dog responds:

Oh you'll play pretty soon and you'll know hehe check our Evil-Dog Games facebook for more details


2012-10-11 22:19:30

it's going to be on flash? or only ios?

Evil-Dog responds:

The new Road of the Dead is on flash, not iOS or any mobile device.


2012-10-13 03:19:38

yeaaah! awesome cause i don't have an android, in this game are we going all the way over the city in a humvee? or the mustang is back? :D

Evil-Dog responds:

you're IN the city this time, not on the highway and you play as the 2 soldiers, not as John Creasman, so no mustang.


2012-10-18 16:26:26

When arrived the next game *w*

Evil-Dog responds:

When it's done my good sir


2012-10-25 16:06:54

I am not usually socially active on the grounds, but i just have to say, I am extremely impressed with your games and innovation. I've been following you since
"Road" and check in frequently for news. Keep it up. You're kicking ass.

Evil-Dog responds:

Wow thanks man :D Just doing what we love :D


2012-10-27 17:54:54

I cant access the link, its broken? Or is my country?

Well...This will not stop me from playing it when you launch the game! °-°'

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah sorry, we have a new website, I updated the link


2012-10-28 23:59:11

No website. I googled you and still no website. I typed your web address in and still no website. right? I just get an err message saying: oops google chrome could not find Same thing with firefox. I want to see too!!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

There could still be some domain propagation issues, try again tomorow


2012-10-31 20:19:17

I saw a screenshot of the game which is the improvement of a zombie appearance and I liked it. This is really better like that.


2012-11-02 00:06:42

Still can't see the website. :/

Evil-Dog responds:

What about now?


2012-11-07 12:00:28

Nope. :(

Evil-Dog responds:

We have some serious issue with the new site


2012-11-22 16:41:32

happy thanks giving and you are apairently giving us somthing

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha yeah but not yet!


2012-11-24 15:21:24

When arrived please, i want crush more zombies è.é

Evil-Dog responds:

Sooooon working hard on this biatch!


2012-11-26 10:53:22

I demand lab of the dead 2.


2012-12-18 11:17:25

The ghraphic is cool it looks will be a Awesomenes game.But the story continues? Will the soldiers ally with the man you are in road of the dead 1? It will be interesting i can't wait for it. Evil-Dog, you make the best zombie games!


2012-12-18 11:20:30

And one more question! You are to persons in the same time???