Freak: Episode 3 - Storyboard released, series canceled.

2012-07-24 22:16:44 by Evil-Dog

Yeah guys, obviously this series, for those who even remember it, is dead. But I decided to submit the storyboard for episode 3.

Hope you enjoy what you could have been! :)

You can still watch Episode 1 and Episode 2.


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2012-07-25 01:23:54


Evil-Dog responds:

haha wtf etienne :D


2012-07-25 01:27:13

oh wow, talk about nostalgia

Evil-Dog responds:

haha I know right


2012-07-25 03:30:47

Aww man! Yeah you're right its obvious but still it was a pretty cool series.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks :D


2012-07-25 14:49:28

:C and it really couldve been awesome...i liked the series, but oh well lol

Evil-Dog responds:

yah haha


2012-07-26 04:41:15

it was so awesomeand epic...why has it to end this way? why???

Evil-Dog responds:



2012-08-16 05:30:12

On an entirely unrelated note, I'm now fan #1,111

I'll give them a look later.


2012-08-23 08:17:18

so, why did you end it? these days, projects get put aside mostly for financial constraints... however, on newgrounds, it could also be a girlfriend/boyfriend that got in the way. the only other options are a) you just had a kid or b) (hopefully not the case) you just got bored of the idea.

it's a great show. it uses elements that we've seen before, but with their own take on it. i know this shit takes lots of work, so who am i to throw in my two cents, but i think you should (even over time) try to keep it going.


2012-08-23 08:18:50

disregard my comment below:
i read the storyboard and saw why you arent doing it. totally makes sense. games are where the money is anyway.