New Punk-o-matic community website!

2008-05-13 00:01:36 by Evil-Dog

Hey people

Everything I do lately is about making Punk-o-matic 2 one of the best web game possible.
I put considerable effort on making, the official punk-o-matic community.

There you can find an MP3 converter to convert your songs to mp3, a place to submit your songs so people can rate them and comment on them, a bunch of guitar tutorials, forums, quick chat and a bunch of other stuff! So come join the community and stay in touch with us while waiting for me to finish Punk-o-matic 2! :)

New Punk-o-matic community website!


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2008-05-13 00:24:46

when Punkomatic 2 hits the net, this site is gonna be huge

Evil-Dog responds:

I hope so :)


2008-05-13 00:25:00

wow, your photo looks ALMOST real, its crazy. are you gonna plug NG in your site too? reference it often and stuff?

Evil-Dog responds:

probably :)


2008-05-13 00:30:02


Evil-Dog responds:

yup :)


2008-05-13 00:45:02

I'm glad that everything with punk-o-matic 2 is going well, the site is great.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks :)


2008-05-13 00:46:30

I should take another look at this. I was out of it when you showed me the other day - I can't remember a thing about it.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah check it out drunko :)


2008-05-13 00:58:22

I think you're riding a little too much on the success of a single game, and should branch out and try something new before you get stuck.

However, I must admit I'm eagerly anticipating the new PunkoMatic.

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds: about you do your things and you let me do mine.


2008-05-13 02:25:36

Oops, sorry, forgot the only comments you wanted were pure mindless unadulterated praise.

Evil-Dog responds:



2008-05-13 03:00:52

you should make a pop'o'matic.

Evil-Dog responds:

I should not


2008-05-13 03:28:08

Actually, that last comment was really lame on my part. I was bordering on "jerk".
My apologies.

Evil-Dog responds:

bordering on "jerk"? you ARE a jerk even if you apology
I've never heard of you and the 2 first contacts with you are full of assumptions and wrongful judgement on my creative have no idea what I do in parallel with POM2 in my spare time...but because I do a second part to a popular game, I'm riding on its popularity? what does that even mean? I made other about the tons of audio I made as well?
anyway...apology accepted


2008-05-13 07:14:30

Yay!! ^_^ It's me Evil-Dog!

Evil-Dog responds:



2008-05-13 09:45:53

You should make a style/design for the site that fits the game better though, right now it looks too much like the basic joomla style :D .

Evil-Dog responds:

someday :) most people don'T know joomla so who cares hehe


2008-05-13 11:59:17

Salut j'me demandais si, par hasard, tu parlais français étant donné que tu travail dans la belle ville de montréal? :D J'voulais juste te dire que t'es un artiste incroyable, toutes tes tracks sont malade, tes flash sont toujours d'une qualité impeccable! T'a du talent l'ami :P

Evil-Dog responds:

ouais j'suis quebecois :) et merci pour les compliments hehe j'suis content que t'aime mon stock


2008-05-13 12:21:27

good luck to you sir! I look forward to the release :D! I see you're looking to get the word out about the site, i'll plug it in my site sometime today then.

Evil-Dog responds:

You! I hate make the music I wanna make hahaha (i.e. .you're fucking good :P)
Jealousy aside thanks for the good words :)
I wish I had done that a lot's kinda lame to make a site and advertise it for a game that'S 4 years old hehe....oh well
cheers and you keep the good work


2008-05-13 15:26:08

Looking forward to it!

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah me too! :)


2008-05-13 15:36:14

Very much looking forward to the new one. Best of luck!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thank you! :)


2008-05-13 15:51:31

hey! Evil-Dog! got a Punk-o-Matic 2 gonna be similar than 1 or like totally different? like, to tell u the truth u ownn at anything so doesnt matter but just a heads up maybe? thanks!

Evil-Dog responds:

It's everything POM1 already has but a thousand times better, and a bunch of other big features :)


2008-05-13 18:41:33

Will Punk-o-Matic 2 be any more graphically elaborate? I did like the style you used in the 1st one but the tiny stage got to me. Ah well, its your game and I am sure i will enjoy it as much as the next 10 bajillion guys.

Evil-Dog responds:

it's similar but better :)


2008-05-13 18:47:14

I've been waiting a long time to convert my POM songs to Mp3. My iPod will be happy :3

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah, join the dark cult...erm...I mean the community! :P


2008-05-13 18:50:49

Oh yeah, by guitar tutorials do you mean tabs? I've always wanted to play my POM songs on the real guitar.

Evil-Dog responds:

the guitar tabs are there but I mean guitar how to do power chords and harmonics and all these techniques


2008-05-13 21:44:49

I think you're going a LITTLE too far with this Punk-o-matic thing :/

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah..very far...


2008-05-13 21:45:44

But still, I KNOW this game will be one of the best flash games made!

(Updated ) Evil-Dog responds:

ok....contradicting yourself?
why is going too far to make a website where people can share their songs?
that's exactly what everybody wanted....why do you think I have over 10 000 reviews on punkomatic with people posting their songs...
explain to me why it's going too far to give tools to people to do what they want?
maybe you should go a bit farther with your stuff before you tell me that


2008-05-14 00:43:58

loved the first one (except the part about the penguins...)

and i am 999% sure the next is going to be even better.

Evil-Dog responds:

I certainly hope so :)


2008-05-14 02:35:00

please stop stroking your own dick.

Evil-Dog responds:

ok I'll stroke yours


2008-05-14 11:31:04

You should make an uploading system so people can upload riffs/sounds/drumloops into the game, and use others. That's be pretty sick. :)

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah maybe in another version...the only thing is that i think most uploads would be garbage that don't fit with anything else


2008-05-14 14:45:27

Finally, Evil-Dog you rule!

Evil-Dog responds:

wait for the game before saying that :P maybe i don'T rule at all hehe


2008-05-14 15:48:10

Not Only Do You Rock
Puck-o-Matic Kicks ASS
Dont Dissapoint Us
Is It JUST Punk
I know its Called POM
But A Bit Of Rock And Like Heavy Metal Would BE COOL

Evil-Dog responds:

all punk again haha


2008-05-15 21:15:20

HOOOOORAAAAAAAAA for punk-o-freaking-matic-two!!!!!!

aahahhahha cant wait man!!and your teasing us without those screenshots arent you!

man im so hyped up for POM2!!!


Evil-Dog responds:



2008-05-16 16:03:17

Ee man wot are those cool new songs in thee updated Punk o matic? They are amazin'

Evil-Dog responds:

My band :) check it out m/audio/

the whole album is there


2008-05-17 13:15:24

No offence...
And I'm a BIG fan of yours...
But I feel you've stolen the Intro to one of you're songs from,
Offspring - Can't Repeat.
Is this true?

Evil-Dog responds:

huh? no?


2008-05-17 20:43:46

hey evil dog.

Its me Background!!! :-P

Evil-Dog responds:

congratulation for being yourself :)


2008-05-18 13:18:17

you deserve a tribute for your awesome flash & audio work!

Evil-Dog responds:

I don't haha


2008-05-19 22:59:20

hey man, i loved Punk-o-Matic... just wondering if i could get some info on the second? good luck on it :D

Evil-Dog responds:

you'll wait and see...or check my other post with tons of info


2008-05-21 08:43:38

is it just me, or is every amazing sequel coming out this year? SCGMDX3, The last stand 2, Fancy pants adventure 2, metal gear awesome 2, mastermind 3, and now this. hopefully we see the mastermind game soon, and maybe JohnnyUtah could crap out a new tankmen? whatever, right now, I need you to finish this game, okay?

Evil-Dog responds:

ok hehe


2008-05-21 09:45:27

Its great to see you making a sequel, I'm sure its going to be one of the biggest hits on newgrounds.

So, Is there any possible release date, like in what month could we see this hit newgrounds.

well, later.

keep Rawkin.

Evil-Dog responds:

Nope :)


2008-05-21 11:18:27

Dude POM was friggen awsome!!!! how far are you done withPOM2?? and good luck with it!

Evil-Dog responds:

60% I would say


2008-05-22 08:11:26

Any progress?
Sorry that's the only question i got, cuz like a lot of people, i'm just dying
to see this sequel.

Evil-Dog responds:



2008-05-23 18:05:38

Hey uh...
wuts that supposed to mean?

Evil-Dog responds:

haha's progressing...


2008-05-25 21:23:13

i thought of a way for the game but... you are already 2/3 done so... and anyways it's just me... like i thought was gonna be something like... there would be a story mode and... you would fight other bands... name your own... custimize your own band... and before or after the concert the band can kinda live or something and you make them practice songs... like part 1 style of making songs... but that's just me and that would be a dream game...

Evil-Dog responds:

not sure what you mean but there's a concert mode and all...


2008-05-26 20:21:21

Wow un québecois! C hut sa O_o. jadore tes tounes pi t flash. continue comme sa t vrm bon.

Evil-Dog responds:

nice :)


2008-05-26 20:27:49

O pi question comme sa pour le fun voir si je te connais, tu habite dans quelle coin de montreal? chui a rosemont a genre 20 min des galeries d'anjou.

Evil-Dog responds:

coin jean talon - de lorimier haha


2008-05-27 18:42:31

i hope this doesn't make me sound gay or anything... in part 2... is the drummer guy gonna be muscley? cause don't think i am gay or anything... but yeah haven't you seen real bands? the drummer hit's everything like crazy! and there muscly cause of that... and if they were not muscly... then how would they even have the strengh to hit every thing so fast in 3 minutes? so if he was muscly... that would be kind of realistic...

Evil-Dog responds:

it does sound pretty gay haha
the guys are not super muscular but they're well cut I think....they have simple graphics but yeah...maybe your craving for muscles will be satisfied haha


2008-05-27 20:59:44

in you profile it says you work for ubisoft, nice! watch in three years this is going to be a consle game I bet you $300 and a copy that it will be! meh, just kidding about the bet but whatever. You mark my word though, MARK THEM!!

Evil-Dog responds:

awesome! :) it's certainly a nice prospect!


2008-05-28 04:16:00

punk-o-matic2 will be da best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

That would be nice :)


2008-05-28 12:11:37

i dont want to rush you or anything but i really want punk o matic 2 out already im about to go crazy also you should create a metal o matic or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I'm working hard on it


2008-05-28 16:23:46

Status report Mr. -dog:
how many loops (drum, guitar, bass) so far?
anything new & interesting?
Surprises, features, etc.?

Evil-Dog responds:

No reports, just wait :)


2008-05-28 21:17:29

know what?when/if this becomes a console game I can already tell that it will be a combination of gutar hero, rockband, and something unique. you write the music, you play it, and you get fans. everything a real band does 'cept the social skills.

Evil-Dog responds:

well...obviously hehe


2008-05-31 22:43:33

Can you tell me the percentage of progress in the creation of Punk-o-matic 2? I can't wait for its release!

Evil-Dog responds:



2008-06-03 20:49:28

dear mr. umm... dog.

I am a 13 year old who wants to play one of your songs in my schools talent show. The song in particular is called "the quest of your life". My favorite song of yours. I am telling you this on the hopes it will be ok with you. I would be playing the bass, and my two friends on guitar and drums. You will find this post on many of your songs, please don't mark them as spam (i have no idea if newgrounds has such a thing, i'm just being careful.) these arent spam, i will stop asking as soon as im answered. Oh, and please answer me on your journal thingie on your profile. thank you

your fan, kidbass.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah sure play it


2008-06-04 04:29:52

One Word...Fantastic

Evil-Dog responds:

Two words...Fuck Yeah


2008-06-04 15:24:32

Three words.....Oh My Buddha

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice