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Entry #123

Livestream: Dark Siege - Unity3D version

7/27/14 by Evil-Dog

Livestreaming all day! Working on the Unity3d version of Dark Siege! Come join me and have a chat!



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No,really -.- and I'll try to stay awake and watch your stream this are gonna do it this weekend,right?I can't stay awake any day except Sarurday :/

7/31/14 Evil-Dog responds:

I don't know dude, weekends are hectic, can't plan ahead

That's coz I saw them on the frontpage and New grounds has also removed the 'latest from your favourites' button :/ I'll try to keep a track of your posts from now though ^^ Hey,you are epic,why I would I seriously whine on your posts?I was kidding bro,sorry again

7/31/14 Evil-Dog responds:

doubt it

dude,sorry if I offended you :C I didn't typed it as harsh or something.sorry
The game will be epic for sure ^^
PS-I'll try not to sleep this weekend and see your stream :P

7/31/14 Evil-Dog responds:

I just don't like people who are whining and who feel they're entitled to have content crafted for them, you take what I give or you fuck off. Besides you never comment on the non-stream posts so yeah....

streams,as usual -__________-

7/30/14 Evil-Dog responds:

Hey fuck off alright? If you don't like it, don't read it.