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Entry #108

Livestream is up! The Blind Swordsman for the blind!

5/7/14 by Evil-Dog
Updated 5/7/14

Hey join the Evil-Dog livestream!
I'm adapting The Blind Swordsman for actual blind people from

Come check it out!

EDIT: We're live again!


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Twitch is not very good anymore

just use twitch! its better!

5/11/14 Evil-Dog responds:

I'm totally fine with LiveStream



I love you man. no homo.

5/11/14 Evil-Dog responds:

thanks, could be homo



Wow, that's really kind. :3
You should get a medal, I wish I can make you one but I just don't have the resource neither the skills.

5/8/14 Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks! :) Poor blind people...not cause they're blind...but cause they don't have many games to play.



Sorry! I' am late.

5/8/14 Evil-Dog responds:

It's ok, I'll be streaming most of the day today (thursday)

That little "post mood" was a terrible choice for what's going on right now... Hahahahahaha!

5/7/14 Evil-Dog responds:




a game where your blind for blind people isnt the game allready like that?

5/7/14 Evil-Dog responds:

the menus and all, are not suitable for blind people.

sorry i haven't any time

5/7/14 Evil-Dog responds:

That's alright :)