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Halloween game in the works! Join my live stream!

2013-09-17 20:47:32 by Evil-Dog

Hey guys! Me and SickDeathFiend are working on a small halloween game.
Join us on our live stream while I work on the game, starting from the Road of the Dead 2 code.

Halloween game in the works! Join my live stream!


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2013-09-17 20:50:23

heheh... he's wearing freddy krueger's clothes :)

Evil-Dog responds:

hehe it's just an image I took on the net, that's not our game's graphics hehe


2013-09-17 20:58:24

I take it something fun will be done with ROTD 2 on halloween too right?

Evil-Dog responds:

there are already easter eggs for halloween built in Road 2 :)


2013-09-18 11:02:46

metel boostah wot teh fak o_O

Evil-Dog responds:

my thought exactly