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Road of the Dead 2: Update #10

2013-05-26 20:16:40 by Evil-Dog

Not much to say, update on a new feature and the ongoing development of this massive game!

Also check the Beast's Fury update! A project I'm a part of and that we're currently trying to crowdfund on indiegogo


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2013-08-11 01:41:31

When will this be out? and will it be free like the 1st one? ^_^ *fingers crossed*


2013-05-31 04:05:15

I'v a lot been playing unity 3D games but, the problem is that why always the unity crashed?
just like in Red Crucible 2, Be gone, Team Rush

Evil-Dog responds:

No idea, you're talking about the web unity player I assume?


2013-05-29 14:40:36

I am alredy as a Beta tester, the question is when it will be launched.

Evil-Dog responds:

Ah not sure, when it's finished :D
You said "trail version", that's why I was confused.


2013-05-29 08:30:44

Road Of The Dead 3D? are you gonna use the Unity 3D to make it or no?

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah! :D


2013-05-28 23:05:09

A third episode of Road of the Dead? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
When is the trial version coming out? Or you released it without telling anyone?

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah road 3 is planned, full 3D :)
You're already in the betatesters for road 2 aren't you?


2013-05-27 22:05:48

BTW What Happned To John Creasman? (And Yes This Is My SECOND Comment)

Evil-Dog responds:

John escaped the city in Road 1
His survival continues in Road of the Dead 3


2013-05-27 14:28:32

Road of the Dead is looking pretty amazing!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks BRUH :D
You on skype dude? I don't go much on AIM anymore, I fucking hate the new version


2013-05-27 11:29:38

Man, I can't wait to play this game!

Evil-Dog responds:

I'm sure you can :D


2013-05-27 09:32:38

Wait,didnt the city blew up in the nuclear blast in part 1?

PS-this is awesome!!Drive or shoot!!!
So wat will you select as its genre? =P

Evil-Dog responds:

Road 2 happens in parralel as Road 1, the 2 soldiers are in a similar predicament than John was, trying to escape.

Right now the genre is Action - Other, there's "run n gun" but there's no "drive n gun" haha


2013-05-27 08:17:23

So I drive and shoot at the same time? Wow, this is going to be hard.

Evil-Dog responds:

Hard probably not :D


2013-05-27 07:53:59

Only 1.3 kms? As the devoloper, I expected you to be the GOD of this game. Just one question, would shooting zombies be less or more useful than straight out ramming them? Or is shooting required to kill things such as helicopoters or mutated zombies?

Evil-Dog responds:

Well your vehicle is slower than John's muscle car so zombies cling more to your hood so shooting them becomes more prevalent to deal with them. Shoot them off your hood and shoot them before they get to your hood.
You can get 2 zombies on your hood and another 2 mutant zombies grabbing your arms on the sides it can get very intense :D


2013-05-27 07:15:10

maybe you can add survivors or girlfriend to wait for saving him bad english :(

Evil-Dog responds:

there are surivors to save


2013-05-27 04:04:35

So now we are soldiers?AWESOME!!I LOVE IT!

Evil-Dog responds:



2013-05-27 03:15:18

Not bad, In Fact I Like it! I Have No Comments But Only This. Maybe I'll Comment Another Time. ;)

Evil-Dog responds:

Good enough :)


2013-05-27 03:12:42

Put some zombie squirrels on those trees you asshole!

Evil-Dog responds:

haha damn we totally forgot about zombie squirrels


2013-05-27 03:10:31

I'm glad that you're showing both sides of the coin here.

Evil-Dog responds:

Glad you like our spin on it
This was supposed to be just a small addon gamemode on Road 1 but it's evolved into its own massive game


2013-05-27 00:43:16

Awesome sneak-peek of the game. I'm pretty sure i'll play the first one again after seeing this. Please work hard and good luck on the game!!!!

Evil-Dog responds:

haha awesome


2013-05-26 22:17:56

kinda strange how you're playing the army this time.
Anyways, im excited for this one.

Evil-Dog responds:

Everyone have to deal with the zombies, army included


2013-05-26 21:01:36

looking awesome, cant wait :D keep up the awesome work and dont let those zombies get you XD

Evil-Dog responds:

Never! :D