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New Punk-o-matic community website!

2008-05-13 00:01:36 by Evil-Dog

Hey people

Everything I do lately is about making Punk-o-matic 2 one of the best web game possible.
I put considerable effort on making, the official punk-o-matic community.

There you can find an MP3 converter to convert your songs to mp3, a place to submit your songs so people can rate them and comment on them, a bunch of guitar tutorials, forums, quick chat and a bunch of other stuff! So come join the community and stay in touch with us while waiting for me to finish Punk-o-matic 2! :)

New Punk-o-matic community website!


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2011-11-05 18:32:44

When is Punk O Matic 3 coming out?!


2008-10-21 18:47:57

I've got an idea for punk-o-matic 2... actually two.

1. It'd be cool if you made it so the tempo of the audio samples are adjustable. For example, that first drum beat on POM (0) is a kick ass punk beat. What would make it even more kick ass? Making it even faster.

2. Also, It'd be pretty nifty if the tone of the guitars could be adjustable.

Ok... So I just thought of one more idea. Add a bassist!... Even though I can imagine you've already gotten that request... ha.

Hope you like the ideas and I'm definitely looking forward to POM2


2008-10-03 22:10:09

Well, I must say that the douchebags in the world will finally meet their demise with all of this, and that *firmly* Riding On The Success Of A Game Is Not Even Close To What This Is. To Ride On The Game's Success Would Be To Sell Stuff Related To The Game! That's What Riding On Success Is. Just to let everyone know that happens to read this comment.


2008-09-18 05:57:10

stuck at damnit lvl 52... for hours, even with my friend's we couldn't figure it out... but i will struggle on, i dont want help... just to say: great game!! maybe a sequal sometime?


2008-09-16 23:18:49

Sweet! Punk-O-matic 2 :D
but that Z-Rox game is a headache game !


2008-09-10 17:08:59

Dude twith wouldnt bite he'd like------um-------stare at you to death.....

Wait wait is that u pariah? or is it twith....*shifts eyes* anyways IM TAZARAKI. hello people who know me!

oh join the punk-o-matic community! i will help welcome u with open arms into my own personal'll know who i am for i never shut up and my username is Tazaraki. GOOD DAY! =D


2008-09-08 22:45:19

You should totally pitch to ubisoft. Id dish out 20 bucks for a Punk O Matic on XBL or PSN or that Wii thing!


2008-09-04 16:26:09

I'm the admin of Punk-O-Matic! If you don't join i'll ban you!!!

Wait... Does someone else feel like what i said above didn't make sense??

Anyway, it's an awesome site. Come along! I don't bite! But Twith does.


2008-09-03 20:49:03

man, ever since you announced this game I check Newgrounds every week for it
you're awesome!

as soon as it comes out im probably going to be glued to newgrounds for 3-8 months :D


2008-09-02 18:00:22

punk-o-matic rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-08-28 08:50:07

Check out my userpage:!


2008-08-25 06:46:01

awesome!!! the best game punk o matic 2 woju!!!


2008-08-22 21:42:04

do you really work for ubisoft?


2008-08-20 02:48:32

Tuss456 Eagerly Awaits For The Sequel.

This is the only game worth shit on Newgrounds!


2008-08-17 22:58:14

whoops. i said the same thing twice :P


2008-08-17 22:57:38

how much longer until POM2 is here?


2008-08-15 07:53:36

I'm tired of waiting for punk-o-matic 2!!!!
I hope we can make heavy metal and rock too.


2008-08-14 21:24:48

how much longer until POM2 hits the net?


2008-08-14 19:42:36

Check out my userpage:!


2008-08-03 19:01:36

i can't wait for it to come out... such expectations, and such room for improvement! the first was awesome, i can barely see how you could improve on it... except maybe making it possible to change not only what riffs to play and when, but also what pitch they are (i don't know miuch aobut guitar, so i hope thats possible)


2008-08-03 14:58:26

Tell meh are you going to get GH4????
I think you should (in the third POM if there is...) base your engine thingy/game on that like the song creating aspect except using samples and possibly different keys like A B C D E F G minors and sharps...also plenty of drum fills solos and shit like that



2008-08-02 21:30:57

evil dog how evil are you


2008-08-02 19:17:07

Oh and I feel bad for that Tyrone guy, he can't even spell "Fuck" or "You" correctly :(
(Offensive Sarcasm FTW)


2008-08-02 19:15:26

Dude is that you in that pic :D
Cuz it's a pwnsome pic.


2008-08-01 23:13:15

guitar solo's would be cool


2008-07-31 14:12:18

hey evil dog
i love punkomatic and can't wait to see the second game :)


2008-07-31 12:05:52

Your game sucks!

Evil-Dog responds:

I know


2008-07-30 22:19:38



2008-07-30 14:11:14

wow... that was discriptive.

I wonder how long that took him to type

well anyways, this has been one hell of a project
I'm sure this is going to be a really big hit here at newgrounds


2008-07-29 12:37:37

Sorry for that guy. He's an ass.


2008-07-28 18:01:37

Nice name.


2008-07-28 15:05:30

can i be your friend?btw i loved your songs and punk-o-matic they were KICK ASS!im also new 2 newgrounds so can i PLZ be your friend?


2008-07-28 04:04:27

What's up man?Kike0matic here..Wow a lot of people have posted on this entry.Wow i see someone familiar Lerroux..I hope the page gets more members
Jose Enrique Infante


2008-07-25 19:33:22

What about now?


2008-07-22 23:44:30

"Neva gonna give u up,
neva gonna let u die,
neva gonna tell a lie,
and HURT YOU!"

Congrats, Evil-dog; you've been rick-rolled.


2008-07-22 00:46:00

any chance of a FREAK : episode 3?


2008-07-21 08:46:12

Oh, I apologize for submitting your flash (Just Another Psycho) in YouTube! Anyways, I was honest that I didn't make it. Sorry about that!


2008-07-19 14:52:19

Is it done yet?


2008-07-18 01:19:29

so i was wondering if you will consider a demo


2008-07-15 09:03:18

Hey Dog i have something you could do easter eggs like hidden clothes/guitars/drums/ect.things that you cant by in the store


2008-07-12 19:21:21

P.S. I don't have an MSN, but I'd like to get one, especially since you'd "work something out" with me.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah it's cause I had this idea of a 8bit POM for a I wanted to see what you thought about it


2008-07-12 17:52:38

you wrok at ubisoft the home of skate games some are good some are bad anyways congratz punkOmatic it was awesome i hope the same goes for number 2


2008-07-12 11:02:09

you work for ubisoft? thats pretty damn cool.


2008-07-11 12:07:21

Pure awesomeness, just like you


2008-07-10 18:15:46

How big is this damn thing? the more I wait the more its becoming awesome in my head. I think I just saw Master Chief pull a guitar solo(that won't happen, will it?). Take your time, it will only make my fantasies more enjoyable. Can you at least give us a screenshot so I don't expect something out of any of my retarded fantasies? plz? :3

Also, would you be pissed if I made what is essentially an 8-bit version of POM? I just got mario paint and I just want to do something cool with it(besides the obvious).

Evil-Dog responds:

sure go ahead, add me on msn too, maybe we can work something out


2008-07-07 23:23:53

YOU..... ARE A GOD! But seriously I love all your music and i can't wait till punk-o-matic 2 comes out


2008-07-07 15:25:37

dude you rock! POM rocked just as equally. if you can tell me when POM2 is finished or how far you are on it you would rock even more. :D


2008-07-06 22:03:47

Oh I forgot to ask if we will have the Postal Dude voice actor in the sequel. I just thought that having the Postal Dude voice is fucking awsome being a Postal2 fan myself.

Evil-Dog responds:

nah the postal dude and the penguins are copyrighted so I'm not doing them anymore


2008-07-06 22:00:51

Dude I had the idea of converting our punk-o-matic creations into mp3 since punk-o-matic came out I just didn't know how to submit the idea to you. Cheers. I look forward to play punk-o-matic 2 because I've been a hardcore fan since the beginning.

Evil-Dog responds:

join the site, you'll see it's already done


2008-07-06 11:50:39

Album? O RLY???

Looking for guest artists! Head over to my page for details!!!!